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  1. Use it for work but to small for the family. So have to go around on days off in a corsa, which in all fairness isn't quite as much fun as the Zed
  2. Both mine do it at 70 plus, will try the guides section
  3. On my driving course we covered some great roads, will find out and get back to you
  4. He might as well put brand new they are worth 30k, however it's a shed
  5. Usual bumper marks? Looks like collision marks to me
  6. It looks like its been driven by Steve wonder, the wheels are in a terrible state. If it was worth buying trade link would have had it by now. At least he has changed the 4 wheel drive bit to rear wheel drive
  7. good way of putting it, I tried it once with my old rover ZR for a focus that had done 40k more and they still wanted some cash.
  8. I have been quoted £350 for bumper,bonnet and wings. This is a place in Maidenhead, thought it was too cheap but they had a few expensive cars in there including 3 Ferraris. If you are local to that I can get you there contact details
  9. need to sell wife and kids which I am open to offers for or will swap for fully forged APS twin turbo 350z GT:pray:
  10. So much I want to do, but so little money. Going to have to save hard me thinks
  11. Wish I had known about this sooner, but all good tickets have gone and its only just over an hour away
  12. I find putting weight on harder than cutting it, especially good weight.





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