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  1. Part exchanging my car at the weekend - this exhaust will go with the car unless it sells before. System has done in the region of 30k miles, looking for £500. I'm based just outside Frodsham in the North West (minutes off the M56) - collection only. Info and new price: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/invidia-nissan-370z-09-gemini-cat-back-exhaust-rolled-stainless-steel-tip.html
  2. +1 to this! A euro trip would probably be too costly for me most times it came around, I would have thought. Somewhere in the UK each time would be brilliant, though. I'm still enjoying Wales each year, but can understand why others who've been around much longer might be getting bored. It's the quality of organisation (Colin, Will and Graham always amaze me, in particular) and friendliness of the whole group that makes the event so enjoyable, so this is a very minor quibble, but we did think the Moreton was starting to look a bit under-maintained and the amount we had to pay for the meal *on top* of the club's contribution made it start to look like taking advantage. So I can only imagine that a bit of competition from other hotels elsewhere might keep things reasonable when returning to Wales.
  3. Yep, that was Gudzy and I Thanks for the kind comments! And feel free to post your photos I also saw jjt as I was on my way out (well, into the queues!).
  4. Sorry , I'll be combining this with a trip around the moors for me and the wife and my mileage has just triggered for a p3. No probs ph! Thought I'd best get my name down as a just in case! If you haven't used Atkins before, they're absolutely brilliant
  5. Whyioughta! Our cars are like fire and ice - the stripes caused by my wax skills are unfortunate, I'll admit, but they were balanced out by the iffy red paintwork on your calipers (conveniently hidden from your photo) Absolutely great fun as usual this year Roll on 2015!
  6. Can't believe I missed this! Set a reminder that didn't, well, remind me! Just in case it matters, I'd be willing to up the bid on the P3 service with Atkins if it doesn't work out with the current winner for some reason.
  7. 1. glrnet+1 £28.40 2. JZA70 +1 £28.40 3. The bounty bar kid +1 £28.40 4. M13KYF £14.20 5. Toothy +1 £28.40 6. Ken £14.20 7. 14N £14.20 8. Bockaaarck + 1 £28.40 9. Andyvvc +1 £28.40 10. davedutch +1 £28.40 11. Gudzy87 +1 £28.40 12. Screamer +1 £28.40 13. 14. 15.
  8. Good friends with Gudzy and atkin666, so would love to be in the same group if possible! I'm a big fan of Colin's pace when he's leading a group, too :-)
  9. 1. glrnet+1 24th & 25th Drives. Hotel booked 23rd, 24th & 25th 2. Ken 24th & 25th Drives Hotel booked 23rd ,24th & 25th 3. Ebized +1 24th & 25th Drives. Hotel booked 23rd, 24th & 25th 4. Darren-B 24th & 25th Drives. Hotel booked 23rd, 24th & 25th 5. Will370z +1 24th & 25th Drives. Hotel booked 23rd, 24th & 25th 6. Paddy78 +1 24th & 25th Drives. Hotel booked 23rd, 24th & 25th 7. Buster + Mrs Buster 24h & 25h Drives..Hotel booked 23ed,24th & 25th 8. Wasso + Mrs Wasso 23rd, 24th & 25th for everything!! (Booked) 9. TheBountyBarKid +1 23rd-25th booked. 10. SpursMadDave +1 23rd, 24th & 25th. 11. octet + 28,999,999 RO and BG - 23rd - 25th - Hotel booked. Drives booked 12. Humpy +1 - 23rd, 24th & 25th for everything!! (Booked) 13. Grundy +1 - 23rd & 24th For every thing (Booked) 14.Mopedmark + Mrs Moped 24th,25th Drives, Hotel booked 23rd, 24th 15, 14N 24th,25th Drives, Hotel booked 23rd, 24th 16. Andyvvc +1 - 23rd, 24th, 25th. Quiet double-room booked! Everything! 17. Mr + Mrs Keyser - 23rd, 24th, 25th. Quiet double-room booked! Also Booked bumper repair kit, a reversing camera and ordered 1:1 scale map of Wales for Mr G 18. ioneabee - 23rd, 24th & 25th Drive - Hotel booked 23rd & 24th 19. Howee 350 +1 23rd & 24th (no accommodation required). 20. JetSet + Caroline350Z 23rd and 24th (hotel booked 24th only) 21. Wizurd. 24th and 25th drives and 23rd,24th,25th hotel booked 22.davedutch +1, 24th,25th drives, hotel booked 23rd,24th 23. Ph7 and mrs ph7. 24th & 25th drives. Hotel booked for 24th. 24. Gudzy +1. 24th and 25th drives. Hotel booked for 23rd and 24th. 25. Atkin666 +1 23rd 24th 25th all booked 26. Mattross1313 - all drives and days (no accommodation needed) 27. chirag1988 + 1 - just booked for the 24th but will be arriving Saturday morning early for the drive and also for Sunday 28. Ragtopzed1 all booked for the 23rd,24th & 25th 29. Bockaarck + 1- 24th, 25th drives. Hotel booked 23rd, 24th, 25th 30.AmyZed- + 1- 24th, 25th drives, hotel 23rd, 24th and 25th 31. Lexx - 24th only (booked in Premier Inn) 32. Andy James - 24th + 25th Hotel Booked. 33. Screamer + 1 - 24th (possible) & 25th (definite) Drives. Hotel booked 24th
  10. Ace videos, Humpy! Was really nice to 'properly' meet you this time around, too :-) Can I be cheeky and ask if you got any video of me?
  11. Either ZMANALEX or Jez at Horsham Developments will sort you out with some
  12. Pretty sure Cosworth's are regarded as the best-performing for the 370Z. It's what I went for after reading various opinions, especially on the US forums.
  13. Is there perhaps an opportunity to split people up into groups by the pace at which they want to drive? It'd mean that those who want to drive faster are less likely to get 'held up' behind someone who prefers to keep to a slower pace and it'd also reduce the chances of people being left behind. Rather than somehow trying to manage that on the day (and trying to prevent a group of 20 and another group of 2!), could people be asked to choose their groups beforehand (with limits on the number of people per group)? That's almost certainly too big an ask given all the other organising several guys have to do for us every year, but it might spark a more doable idea along the same lines!
  14. That sounds about right - I was quoted £200 for the front and rear passenger side on mine by The Wheel Specialist Chester. Even though it's impossible to ever see a wheel on the left of a car at the same time as one on the right, knowing that one sides' wheels were a slightly different shade to the other would probably do my head in! Anyways, looks like you got a great job done there! I love the colour of our wheels - it's pretty rare to see darkened alloys that have such a fantastic metallic effect to them instead of just being flat black/grey. And it's even better now knowing that they can be well restored when the worst happens! :lol:





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