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  1. hey haha thats quite alot of zeds around the doncaster-retford area isnt there, i see at least 4 a day
  2. sorry about the late reply but i was the grey one in the roadster, nice to finally get a wave
  3. haytonz

    Stock exhaust

    what are you doing with the cobra exhaust?
  4. what time are we meeting in the morning at the premier inn?
  5. I'm going from Kidderminster, so if you're heading down M42 then M5 I'll probably pick up the M5 at Worcester? If you let me know your route I can try figure out a rendezvous Be great if there's more than 2 of us yeah il come but think im going night before as its a long drive and since we are meeting soo early best of staying the night
  6. for that money thoe you can get a nice 6 series or for a bit more an m5- m6 which are both fun to drive but are everyday cars :)
  7. its a bit boy racey thoe
  8. guess hes talking to megalomonkey as it says in the title
  9. yeah i might pop down not to far what day is it on
  10. just looked at staying at the premier inn night before £88 £88 pound for premier inn its never been that price
  11. meeting at 6:45 and its a 3 and a half hour drive from where i am great





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