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  1. 370 lasered one for a 2014 Nismo please. If you have any left.
  2. Think I'll trundle along to this, been a while. 'Showcase ' would be perfect.
  3. There is a possibility his car is possessed. An exorcism should sort it out. Chucky stane (translation:throwing stone)
  4. Chucky caught between the back plate and disc.
  5. Cheers guys, thanks for all the messages. It's heartbreaking when it happens, I keep having moments when I think of him and I start welling up, like now, can't bloody see to type. He was a big part of the family and will be sorely missed.
  6. RIP Monty, passed away this week at the grand old age of 14. Will miss you my friend.
  7. As an ex assistant professional my suggestion would be to find a good local teaching pro and get yourself a course of lessons before you go anywhere near a golf course. You'll find golf a much better experience if you get the basics to start with. He can also advise on which clubs will suit you best(will save you money in the long run). Golf clubs are not a one size fits all piece of equipment. Most people give up because they get fed up whacking the ball all over the course and then the clubs get retired to the cupboard under the stairs.
  8. Received CTX Battery sense today, excellent service and communication. Looking forward to fitting it.
  9. Cracking car, although I am a wee bit biased.
  10. Be taxing it again the end of February. I'll give you a shout nearer the time.
  11. Good choice, it is a bit of a step up in quality. Had my nismo just over a year, it's tucked up for the winter just now. Yeah, I'm in Kirkcaldy, was in carpet right when I seen you go past, left the wife sitting to see where you went.
  12. White 65 plate MK2 370Z Nismo in Forth Avenue Ind Est Kirkcaldy today. Anyone on here?
  13. That last sentence is a whole new topic😄 My first car was a mini, cost me £110 from a guy who got banned. He was so drunk he crashed trying to eat a Chinese while he was driving. I hand painted it black, it looked good from about 50ft away, was like tar close up.
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