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Is the 370Z an improvement over the 350Z?


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Go the whole hog and get an S Sport. :clap::cloud9: If I had to chose my "next car" now, this would be it. Yours for £36k. :thumbs:


Yeh, the Sports look nice but they're prior to the 2009 facelift. I want the facelift model as not only does it have the new front and rear (only subtle changes) but it has the PCM3 nav etc.. inside which is a big step up. Looking for a white, silver or grey Cayman S in 2009 with PASM, Chrono etc... and also the new DFI 3.4 engine which improves bhp by about 25 horses.


Keep us posted. Many reports of the Cayman being a better/quicker/safer drive than the 911.


I like the sport because of the colours! :blush: Tango orange, froggy green or white with stripes says Porsche to me. I'm soo 1970s. :lol:



Oh no! Guess what I am viewing tomorrow?! Yep, "tango" orange Sport ;)

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The Cayman S is an extraordinarily good car to drive, great feel and suspension set up. I had a few hours in one when I was looking at adding to the stable!

But it doesn't do enough for me to be almost double the price tag over a 350 / 370 sadly....


To the original post on the 370 over a 350, the personal view aside then the place it is definitely more capable is on track IMO. It is so much more capable! :)

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