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  1. I ran it on Berk HFCs but should have thought standard cats would be fine with this setup.
  2. I know, I thought it was taken but it appears the person who was interested hasn't contacted me. Here is a pic of it fitted up to my old car. Stunning piece of work.
  3. I had this for sale in another thread but it's the last item to shift. I need this gone really as it's using up valuable space. £700 takes it, it's been off the car for around 6 months, it was on the car for roughly 18 months, in which time it covered around 3000 miles. It is great condition, slight knick one of the cans but this isn't visible when fitted to the car at all. Exhaust is located just outside Cardiff and due to the size of it I would prefer collection. If you require any other pictures please let me know.
  4. Springs sold. Exhaust and spacers to go!
  5. Springs provisionally sold. All PMs replied to.
  6. Sorry for the mass thread but after the departure of my 370Z I'm looking to clear out some remaining parts so I can plough the cash in to my 260Z. Parts for sale are as follows: Fast Intentions Exhaust - this was purchased brand new a little under 2 years ago, was on my car for just over a year and a half, covering roughly 3000 miles. It's in great condition bar a tiny and I mean tiny nick on the one can and a slight scrape on the other. Neither of which are visible when fitted to the car or affect the performance of the exhaust in any way. Price - £800 Pictures: Stillen Gen 3 Intakes - These are great intakes and in my opinion are the ones to go for if you're after an intake on your 370. These particular ones were on my car for the best part of 3 years. The filters are in great condition however could probably do with a service, however this is just my opinion, there is no reason why these couldn't be run as they are as they have a million mile warranty. At the end of the day I only removed them from my car as I was putting it back to standard to sell. The pipes have seen better days to be be honest with quite a few marks on them, none of the marks affect the pipes in anyway and all seals are in excellent condition. If you want them for the look then you could either get them polished or painted. As my bonnet didn't stay open all the time this never bothered me, I'm just being honest. Price -SOLD Pictures: Berk HFCs - Mated with the exhaust these are great, to be honest they were nice before I got the exhaust, gave the car a bit more poke and sounded pretty good. In great condition, no scrapes, have been on the car for 3 years and roughly 7000 miles. I believe I have the gaskets as well, also I'm pretty sure these fit the later 350s (HR 313) but don't quote me on that, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Price - SOLD Pictures: Eibach Spacers - These need no introduction, probably should be part of the 370z owners starter kit, along with the springs. These are a set of x2 20mm ones and x2 25mm ones. I ran 20mm at the front and 25mm at the rear and found it to be perfect. Ran these for 4 and a half years without so much as a single problem. Price - £120 (both sets) Pictures: Eibach Sportline Springs - Again these really are part of the 370z owners starter kit. Lower the car nicely without it being too low, doesn't compromise the ride too much at all. Have been on the car for roughly 3 years/7000 miles and never gave me a problem, in great condition. Could do with a clean as I had them removed from the car and just popped them away. I will clean them up before I send them out to whoever wants to buy them. Price SOLD Pictures: Any questions please PM me as I don't get on here everyday. All items are located just outside of Cardiff. Postage is no problem.
  7. Car sold - admin please remove.
  8. Normally I'd be interested but I have my eye on another car, thanks anyway.
  9. Cheers guys, its a lovely car and I really don't want to sell but unfortunately it needs to go.
  10. Decided to finally put my 2010 Black Edition up for sale, mainly due to lack of use and needing a slightly more practical car. The car is currently on just shy of 15,000 miles and won't go up a great deal. I bought it brand new from Wessex Garages in Cardiff in June 2010 so it's one owner from new. MOT'd until June 2015. I just had a major service on it yesterday (20th February 2015) at Wessex Cardiff. The car is completely standard bar light tints on the side windows, slightly darker on the rear and a set of Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs. The standard springs do come with the car as well. If you require any further info please let me know. The car will come on it's original plate as the V5 has just been returned. Price £17,250.





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