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How to - Remove the steering wheel

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My photos are a bit random as well as I only thought about taking pics when putting it all back together. :blush:


Disclaimer.......this is just how I did mine, I accept no responsibility for airbags going off or lose of steering or any other situations arising from following the steps below.




Firstly, disconnect the battery & pump the brake pedal a few times to get rid of any surpless power that could be lurking in the system.


Next, remove the two clips, one each side of the steering wheel to expose the bolts. They have a tamper proof head but most mutli screw bit sets will have the right screw driver bit with a center hole in it to remove these.





Once these two bolts are undone and removed, the center of the steering wheel (the airbag) will be loose. GENTLY pull this towards you and you will see a yellow connector at the bottom rear of the airbag which you need to unclip by pulling the middle black piece out. Once the actual airbag is removed, you will see the pic below.





Next, I got a black marker pen and marked on the center thread and on the surrounding metal piece (attached to the steering wheel) I just made two small marks so that I could line up the wheel again when I came to refit it. You also now need to unclip the yellow cabled female crimp and the grey loom plug. Note how the cables are run to these items so you can reinstall them with the wiring the same way.



After that, I undid and removed the center retaining bolt.





Once this is off, the wheel can be taken off...it might need a slight wiggle and a techincal tap from behind.








From here, it depends what you want to do with the wheel, either put it to one side if you are swapping it with a new one or the below shows how to strip it down for one reason or another.


Once the wheel is off, by placing it face down, you can remove the back plastic cowling by simply undoing the two screws (one each side) holding it on.





If you want to remove the horn assembly then undo the single screw at the back (shown in red circles below) and the two larger bolts from the front (Be careful with these front bolts as they have springs below them to allow for the rebound action when you push the horn.









If you want to remove the front button surrounds then these will come off by simply undoing two more screws (again, one each side) once the rear plactic cowling has been removed. They are shown below just to the bottom left of center in the pic.





Once the two screws are undone, the front plastic trims will pull off.





I took mine off to trim them in carbon





Once you are done and want to put the wheel back together, it is basically retracing your steps and going back in the order you undid things in. Just make sure the wheel is tightly secured and you line up the two marks you made earlier on so the wheel is not crooked when aligned straight with the wheels. Also remember to plug the airbag cable back in, the yellow female crimp back in and the grey loom wire. There may be another loom wire for Z's with cruise control but I am only guessing at this.


Once all done, reconnect the battery and all should be good. If you are fitting an aftermarket wheel, you may need resistors etc but this How To is just for removing and refitting an oem wheel.


Hope this helps :thumbs:

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Thats some real good work Andy :thumbs:


Im not sure that you need to remove the whole steering wheels to get at those two trim pieces though...you should be able to unscrew the screws from behind the steering wheel which would be alot easier!

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Good guide Andy :thumbs: Its better to have the wheel dead centre first though ;)


But that would have meant going back upstairs to get my keys :p:lol:



Good write up Andy, moved to the Guides section, and slight edit of your post :thumbs:


No worries, was only following your instructions :clap:

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Hi guys just an update/little more info...


this takes about 10 minutes to do.. I used needle nose pliers to take off the connector to the airbag


mine steering wheel had both controls on each side its the same loom just the cable runs behind the plastic of the steering wheel..


the centre retaining bolt is 19MM (I think!)


you need a T30 security key as the T30 bolt is a little rounded and it works out to be a 9.5MM socket needed..and a T40 standard hex...


(I bought something similar to this http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_232437_langId_-1_categoryId_165572http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_232437_langId_-1_categoryId_165572 and it was only £11 in store)


just a heads up do not buy the cheap T30 security nuts on ebay.. mine broke when putting the first screw back in and I ended up with this...


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Does a airbag light come on when you remove the standard wheel? been looking at getting a momo boss and wheel from demon tweeks,then ive seen another boss and wheel on difrtworks

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Does a airbag light come on when you remove the standard wheel? been looking at getting a momo boss and wheel from demon tweeks,then ive seen another boss and wheel on difrtworks


Yes. You need to fit a resistor to get around it

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On 30/03/2016 at 14:00, retro_al said:
Does a airbag light come on when you remove the standard wheel? been looking at getting a momo boss and wheel from demon tweeks,then ive seen another boss and wheel on difrtworks


Speak to Chris and get the NRG boss from him.

Comes with everything you need - a boss, 2 resistors and a horn harness.



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I spoke to tarmac sports but I didn't like the steering wheels that go with the boss, so I bought the momo boss and a momo wheel from DT and the boss need mods to fit onto the squib? :angry:


Looks like I have to buy a wheel I don't really like

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