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New Forum rule / guidline on Group Buys


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As the team behind http://www.350z-uk.com wish to support the club members a list of expectations have been drawn up on the subject of Group Buys. Group Buys can be a big benefit to club members and great discounts can be had if they are run correctly.



The conditions of the Group Buy should be outlined from the outset and the team feels that at a minimum these guidlines should be followed

  • [*:2lhbh4pn]The list price of the item and the group buy price
    [*:2lhbh4pn]The time frame (closing date) if applicable
    [*:2lhbh4pn]Whether the item is in stock or will be ordered and the lead times involved
    [*:2lhbh4pn]If it is being sent from abroad then if it is going to one address or individual addresses
    [*:2lhbh4pn]The postage cost involved or if import duty is applicable
    [*:2lhbh4pn]Any list in the thread should be rolling with people adding their own names.
    [*:2lhbh4pn]If a master list is required on the first post then it is the Group Buys Leaders responsibility to keep it updated
    [*:2lhbh4pn]Frequent updates should be made at each stage by the leader of the Group Buy


Communication is key in these situations so keep the participants up to date on the thread.

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If you are trading goods, yes. (Purchased/selling/goods in hand)


If you are connecting with X company and have secured a discount especially for club members, then no, no members trading or pro trader status is required.

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Ok thanks for that. I tried posting a group buy for some led rear bumper lights which are being discounted by the company producing them for myself and other members here and have no idea if its been approved or not? Would you be able to give me an update on the posts status at all mate.

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