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Ultra High Performance Vehicle License in Australia

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Been saying this for years. Too many inexperienced drivers causing chaos on the roads. No additional practical though which defeats the idea 😂. The car needs to be around 370+ HP per tonne. This could be 550hp in the lighter supercars and even less than 370hp in a Caterham or Ariel Atom. 


Revenue collection or common sense? 



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I’d suggest it’s a popularist overreaction. Are there that many accidents/deaths on the road in faster cars compared with regular ones? My gut says no, so they’re targeting the wrong group of people. 

Silly idea with limited benefit imho. 

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It's a measure if it goes ahead for the rich, no doubt insurance companies will be all over this when settling accident claims. It's a good thing having an extra measure in place, as it'll mean supercar rental companies will know their vehicles won't be so easily swapped among young middle eastern lads for a wedding. 

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Ignoring the casual racism above, supercar rental companies have measures in place to limit the risks associated with young drivers, none of which would be enhnced in any fashio by said driver attending an online course which is restricted to just anyone with £32 (measure for the rich indeed :rolleyes:).



6 hours ago, Ekona said:

Are there that many accidents/deaths on the road in faster cars compared with regular ones?


Yes, speed kills, remember. That's an absolute fact that doesn't come with any caveats or qualifiers of any kind...



£32 and an online course for your insurance company to tell you they won't insure you because of a lack of experience with "similar cars"? Seems like a slow news day.

It's just going to be a cheap speed awareness course though isn't it? Something people will do because they have to more than to get anything out of it. I imagine insurance companies will treat it with the same apathy too, so the hinderences to getting into a super car will apply as they do today.

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