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Tall people and the steering wheel... replacement options?


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Hi all,


Bit of an odd one, I am absolutely loving the car but the steering wheel and height/positioning of the seat mean whenever I make sharp turns or want to rotate the wheel fully I will inevitably come in contact with my legs - I'm 6'3 and while it's not a major issue it has got me thinking of anyone else thats tall and has driven one, did you change your wheel? are there other recommendations? :) Thank you!

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Probably easier to change to seat bracket to an extra low one rather than the steering wheel. 


I'm quite small though so no idea what any of that's like, you can lend me a few inches if you want (not down there... we're all good) :lol:

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I have a bucket seat on a set of fixed side brackets bolted directly to the floor to get the seat as low as possible, then a 60mm steering wheel spacer and that perfect for me at 6'5 and still have more than enough head room for a helmet

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