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New Z Shift Knob on 370Z


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I’ve been looking at potential replacements for the OEM Shift knob on my 370, including the Nismo, Billetworkz and Raceseng options. One that I kept looking at was the OEM shift knob fitted to the new Z, however the only places I had seen it available were in the US for a few hundred dollars plus shipping and charges. 


I then saw that Nengun were starting to get new Z parts, and contacted them to see if they could get the part. A day later they came back to say they could and what the price was. Order placed and then the wait for them to get it in stock and to send it to me. 

Finally received it during the week and then had some time to install it today. Getting the old shift knob off was a job and a half. Even following all the tips on YouTube, still ended up destroying the old one. 

Anyways, enough waffle, a pic of the new Z shift knob installed in my 370Z Nismo. IMG_2778.jpeg.87021522ba57aa9eeb9d98d47558637d.jpeg

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Just in case anyone wanted to go down the same route, we now have this listed. 




Price includes all import fees, taxes etc. and you have the peace of mind of ordering from a UK registered company.


Any questions, do let us know. 

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