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350z Clutch recommendations? Also what should be changed at the same time?


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Hello folks,


Clutch has started to slip on my 08 350z so going to bite the bullet and get it all done.


I've got no plans to run big power, so it's more about finding one that gives the lightest and nicest clutch feel as I do mostly town driving.  Does anyone have some recommendations? 


Also, what should I consider having done at the same time? I heard somewhere about adding braided lines with heatshield?


Thanks for any advice given,

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We tend to recommend the JWT clutch kits, we do normally advise changing the flywheel too since you're already dropping the gearbox but obviously it depends on what your budget is.


As well as this, because you have a 350z HR, the CSC (concentric slave cylinders) are a common issue so it may be worth considering swapping or upgrading this at the same time to save you future labour costs. 




The JWT C&F packs in the links above include everything needing to be changed when swapping the clutch (Pivot ball, pilot bearing, TORQEN braided clutch line, alignment tool).

If it's mainly town driving/daily stuff, you could go with the JWT clutch paired with the LUK DMF which is as close to OEM as possible without spending the ££££ which Nissan charge for the OEM flywheel replacement. 


Feel free to let me know if you have anymore questions. 

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I bought literally what Coz has described here! Was really good quality top of the field and a really good kit however, if you’re changing your flywheel (you should) you’ll have a softer and nicer clutch by sticking to the dual mass however - dual mass flywheels have such a high fail rate you’d be wise to get rid of it whilst doing it as it’ll be a silly way to waste the clutch when it shits itself! you can always go for a clutch kit with a fairly Oem clamping force, 


replace the clutch slave whilst you are there and replace and bleed the fluid! 

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