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Four Counties Classic Meets - Bletchingly Arms, Surrey, RH6 4PE


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On 16/10/2021 at 12:55, Loadmaster said:
First and third Saturdays of the month, from 09:30. Went along this morning and good to see another couple of Zs there, one being a lovely 1970 240Z.
Billed as a "classic" meet, but there was a good mix of old and new. Well organised with tea/coffee/breakfast/loos available too. 
Let's try and get a few more Zs there next time!




When is the next one? 

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Next one, Saturday 17th September


Billed as a "classic" meet for pre-90s vehicles, but there is mostly a mix of old and newish. Well organised with tea/coffee/breakfast/loos available as well. 


Bletchingley Arms, Nr Redhill, Surrey, RH6 4PE

09:00 - 11:30

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I have been made aware this week that post 1990 vehicles are now not welcome at this meet and are being encouraged not to turn up - long story and has upset a lot of modern classic owners who used to attend.


So the 350s and 370s not welcome, but you're ok with the 240, 260, 280 etc. 

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