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Remember the Dimma 205?

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After seeing all the original Pug 2015 gti's on Sunday at the British Motor Museum Gaydon meet, I dug out some pics of the last time I saw a Dimma kitted 205 at a meet 4 years ago.


I think along with the Dimma wheels it still looks awesome to this day and would gladly own one over a stock one.

The same cannot be said for the numerous Combat Corsa kits that made them look like the b@$t@rd offspring of the Veilside Supra :lol:


However, despite loving the Veilside Supra back in the day, I'd probably prefer a Supra with the OEM TRD Aero kit over the Veilside now.


What aftermarket kits can you think of that are still timeless to this day.





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Only thing I never liked about those was the front arches, just way too much gap. Had they done a lower cut on it then it would be perfection in a retro shell.

Clio V6 meets Nans car meets Testarossa. Madness :) 

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