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I need to change my rear tyres (first change since ownership). Is the alignment out from the pictures? 


Assuming it is, is it the hunter Hawkeye system I should use (rather than standard garage alignment system)? Regarding settings, just use OEM even tho it's lowered, 2 way diff and on HKS coilovers? Looking to minimise tyre wear as much as possible.


Thank you in advance!



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Hunter or similar is the way to go.


The tyre wear on the rear will either be excessive toe out or excessive negative camber.


OEM settings for longevity on the tyres.

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Just had the alignment done on a Hunter machine but they said the max wheels their system can do is 18inch and mine are 19inch. Will that have a big effect?


They also said rear camber can't be adjusted but reading on here that's not correct and a small amount of adjustment is possible. Would the results I have now still result in uneven tyre wear?


Car is lowered on HKS Hypermax coilovers.




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The Hunter machine can accommodate 19" wheels.


The stock 350 has front and rear toe adjustment and rear camber adjustment, however, it  does not have front camber adjustment.


Depending on how much your car is lowered will depend on if there is enough adjustment to get your car to within OEM tolerances or to the spec that you require.


On the front, I would run with the negative camber that you have, if you want more then adjustable top arms would be required.


Front toe I would run at parallel.


Rear toe I would run at a little toe in.


Rear camber I would run at about -1.5 degrees


The tyre wear that you have on the O/S/R is caused by excessive negative camber.


The above recommended settings should provide you with decent handling and also tyre wear longevity.



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Thanks Alex


Strange they said they can only select upto 18inch wheels... Does that mean the results in my print out are not a true reflection of what is on the car?


Great thanks, so I just need to adjust the rear camber. It's low but but slammed. How much degrees movement is possible? Kwik fit are my only option with a hunter machine now 😐

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The Hunter machine will only be as good as the operator.


The Nissan recommended OEM rear camber tolerances are -1.08 to -2.08.


The  numbers that I confirmed previously will give you optimum results.


The more negative camber that you have on the rear will increase the inside tyre wear.


Remember when you adjust the rear camber that will also move the geometry on the front so you will probably have to adjust the 4 corners again. (please don't ask me to explain this) :lol:


Just tell the guy the settings that you want and don't leave the garage until they are spot on as it is very easy to set to specific numbers.


I doubt if he will be able to dial out the excess negative camber with the OEM snail cam adjusters so you will probably require adjustable camber arms for the rear.


Also, when he said that he could not adjust the rear, perhaps he meant that they were seized.

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Thanks Alex.


I don't think anything was seized, just don't think he was aware a small amount of movement was possible.


Yeah was thinking I might need adjustable arms. What ones would you recommend?


Was going to take it into Kwik Fit tomorrow to see if they can adjust the camber but sounds like it might be a waste of money until I fit adjustable arms




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I can only recommend SPL I am afraid.  https://www.splparts.com/03-08-350z-z33/


However there are many budget brands that will do a decent job for spirited road use.


SPC although not a budget brand would be the pick of the bunch for road use.


They do a kit which includes a bolt kit for the toe adjustment, but you may not need the toe stuff.



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4 minutes ago, Osakakev said:

Thanks Alex, really appreciate it 


Don't want to go too expensive so SPC looks good.


Are these easy enough for any garage to fit?

SPC are circa £200.00 for the pair and the Gravity ones are only £90.00 for the pair.


Very easy to fit and a DIY providing the OEM bolts are not seized.

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Straight forward to fit however be sure to fit as close to the OE arms length wise until you get it aligned, it's drive like a pig otherwise. Mark the the factory bolts and try to fit them back how they came off.

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I got adjustable rear camber arms fitted and just tried to get it aligned but they couldn't get the rear toe back in spec :(


He said when he got one side sorted it would throw the other out and wasn't enough adjustment. I'm not 100% sure he knew what he was doing..


Should I have also got lockout toe bolts or adjustable toe arms?


Pic of alignment is attached.


He didn't charge and never adjusted the front so assume that wont be a problem when the rear is sorted.









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Yeah, they will do, however, I am not a fan of Driftwork stuff but they will do the job of getting your geo dialed back in.


What brand of Camber arms did you buy?

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