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Okay, let's take a step back.


You have fitted camber adjusting arms to the rear so that should take care of the camber, and you can also fit lock out plates to these.


If you are running the stock rear spring carriers then you can not fit standard adjustable toe arms.


If you want adjustable toe arms on the rear, you will require something like the image below, (these are what I run)  and also use lock out plates, however these are expensive and overkill for your application.


Perhaps in hindsight you should have bought a pair of camber arms and a set of toe bolts as a kit.


However the toe bolts are available on there own, but please note that the bolt hole in the subframe will require elongated using a template which should be supplied with the bolts, you can not use lock out plates with these bolts.






Image 1 - SPL TITANIUM Rear Mid Links for 03-08 350Z (Z33) SPL RML Z33



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Appreciate the reply as always.


Is it easy to tell if I'm running the stock rear spring? I just know car has HKS Hypermax coilovers. Some toe arms mentioned I needed true coilovers but the Driftworks one didn't so assumed they would be a straight swop from stock.


They do look expensive 😮


Just buying toe bolts would be ideal cost wise if that would give enough movement. He mentioned when he got one sorted it threw the other out so assumed I would need lockouts to stop this?



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