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Castrol Edge 5w30 LL vs M

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I got some oil from Costco for our 06 Mini Cooper.


4 litres of Castrol Edge 5w30 M was £25 Inc VAT.

£5 cheaper than the Castrol Edge 5w30 LL.

The only difference I can see in the label is the cheaper one is MB and BMW approved whereas the dearer one is MB and Porsche approved with "titanium fluid strength technology"


The wife's Mini got the cheaper one last week but would the zed benefit from the dearer LL version?

Pics below




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I wouldn't have thought the VQ35 was built with the fine tolerances of a modern engine, requiring long life oil ie 2yrs or ish 18k intervals. We change our oil every 12 months or 9k, so regular grade would be more than enough. I'd say both of these would be overkill on our engines. 



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Posted (edited)

That's a good price Amazon is doing.

The Castrol site says the cheaper M is for the Zed.

The Opie oils site says both are recommended.

The M it is then :thumbs:


Although the Mini has an indicator for service interval which can be upto 24,000 miles or 2 years, I never paid any notice.

We've done 48k since taking delivery in 06 but get a service every year never waiting for the service light.

Then there's others like my boss.

He's got a '91 911 Carrera.

Hasn't even changed the oil in FIVE years coz he says he only does the odd Sunday drive in it.

But then again he runs mixed second hand tyres in it too:surrender:.

Poor 911 has rust around all the windows.

Chunks of clearcoat missing.

Replica 911 rims.

He took it to a bodyshop last month for a respray expecting to pay a couple of grand and they refused to take it saying that once they start it could open a can of worms and end up costing 10x that price:scare:

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Both C3 which means minimum 3.5mPa/s when hot, along with being low sulphur, sulphated ash (good for catalyst life)


Does look like just different manufacturer approvals which differences can only then be down to the combination of additives used really.


C3 grade oil is very slightly thicker than the OEM spec oil btw - that's rated 2.9-3.5mPa/s A5/B5


For normal road use on a standard-ish spec car, C2 is the closest modern spec with the 2.9-3.5 HTHS rating and keep optimal fuel economy and performance.


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when I went to Nissan  for a litre of top up oil, the guy was very specific which took ages for him to look up the correct grade for a DE even longer for him to go and find some! but 5w30 C3, Nissan do lots of 5w30 and I don't understand the tech but C3 is the recommended

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