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Car cranks but hard to start


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Hi Guys hopefully someone can help me out.  Backstory of the car  leading  up to  the problem.   ( 2003 import) 

Car has only covered about 100 miles since Oct 2019 due to lock down and winter. 

Went into daily use about a week ago and driven for 3 days (around 50 mile max) when it threw a p0345 code- camshaft sensor bank 2 (car cranks and hard to start but did start and drove perfect) changed the camshaft sensor on Sat.


Car still cranks but even harder to start now and have now gotten a p0211 code - valve timing code but have no engine management light, no camshaft codes

and car again drives perfect when it does start.

Seems to start easier when warm than cold. also last time tried to start it it was really struggling to fire and sounded like a thumping noise coming from it so turned it off and haven't tried again lol

Questions.... Could the oil be bad as I didn't get time to change it before I had to put the car into daily and cause all the issues ?

......Could the timing be off even if the engine was running smooth. don't want to send it to get the timing looked at if this could be just a sensor. As I would have thought the car would run lumpy if the timing was off or can it still run smooth and the timing be off a slight bit and cause starting issues ?

..... Would it be because it is an import and I have put, I take it a uk sensor in it ???

Any help would be grateful or anything I can try before it goes to the mechanics 


Many Thanks 


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@ stevezzz at the start yes but has had new petrol added to it on the second day of driving

@ Eddie_r32  its unbranded but has the oem number with it and 5 year warranty with it.

The reason I asked about  JDM v UK is I had to fit a coil pack which "broke" in less than 30 miles was told by the seller it wasn't the coil pack that had a problem it was something else was to by the mechanic it was the coil pack bought a second hand coil pack from a JDM car and it is still going 6 years later no problem lol  

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Car has went up to Mechanics, will see what the result is. New Hitachi sensor bought for it so will see if it makes a difference. The coil pack was an OEM part.  

@ Oilman yeah getting an oil change while she is there 

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