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Lurked on here for a long time & i've finally bought my first 350Z. I'm here to say hi and show you all my new (to me) car :)

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Hello everyone.


I'm based in Greater Manchester.



I used to play NFS Underground on my PS2 when I was a kid and always loved the look of the 350Z (and the Toyota Celica for that matter).


I bought a Celica last year and whilst I enjoyed it, I wanted something with a bit more oomph so I started searching around for a good 350Z.


I finally bit the bullet a week ago when I found one that I fell in love with. It's an 04 reg DE with 116K on the clock, which I got for £4K. Its body needs a little TLC but apart from that it seems to be quite alright. Pulls very well in every gear. Burns a little oil though, but I am aware that's a common issue - at least it's not as bad as the Celica's notorious 1ZZ-FE engine (which currently burns a litre every 100 miles or so - with a bit of rod knock to add).


It's already had a few modifications done to it:

- Aftermarket front bumper (the original one was included with the sale)

- Aftermarket side skirts (original ones were also included)

 - Kenwood double-DIN stereo/head unit (original Bose unit was included)

- 19" deep dish alloys (in dire need of a refurb)

- Aftermarket cold air induction kit (I think it's a K&N Typhoon)


I'm planning on flushing and replacing all of the fluids in the car & getting it a service. Despite it having FSH, i'd like to get it done for my own peace of mind when i'm hammering it! Here's a list of what's en route in the post:


- 5L Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

- Kage magnetic sump plug & washer

- K&N HP-1008 Oil Filter

- 6x Bosch double iridum spark plugs

- 3L Nissan MT-XZ 75W-85 Gearbox Oil (KE91699935)

- 2L Nissan Differential Oil (KE90799932)

- 10L Sissan L248 Premix Coolant

- 2L ATE Super Blue DOT4 brake fluid (now it's called ATE Typ 200)

- TRW front & rear brake pads


Can any of you seasoned veterans take a look at the above list and let me know if this looks good? Specifically the gearbox/diff oils, I just want to confirm I have the right part numbers for my car. Is it worth getting the timing chain replaced at all, considering the miles, or just leave it (pretty sure it's fine, but just in case)? And if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions of what I should look or any preventative maintenance that you think I should get done - please let me know.


It's a pleasure to finally be a "real" member of this forum now!





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Great intro post, welcome properly. List looks good and I wouldn't worry re the timing chain.


Stick around :thumbs:

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12 hours ago, davey_83 said:

Great intro post, welcome properly. List looks good and I wouldn't worry re the timing chain.


Stick around :thumbs:

Thanks for your kind words & good to hear, much appreciated! 


Certainly will be doing, cheers 😁

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10 hours ago, Kieran O'Quick said:

Looks like you know what you're doing from that list. Car looks great, enjoy. 

Ps stubbys are overrated. Reception trumps looks. 

Hehe to an extent I do... I just made sure I did plenty of reading on the forum before I made my account, I didn't wanna get flamed for not reading existing posts 😂 and thank you very much! 


Funnily enough, I was actually looking at a stubby the other day but decided against it for now - I think I shall just leave it as it is in that case. 


Cheers again 😊

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A big welcome from another Manchester member.

That's a whole lotta car you managed to get hold of for £4k!!!!

Proper looker and the wheels give it real presence despite you saying they're in bad shape.

If you're ever in need of a Manchester garage who know their way round a Zed, try Lockwood and Greenwood in Audenshaw.

They've been looking after many members for years and have looked after my zed for the past 14 years.

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