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Ok so here's an update, i finally found a fantastic metallic red, its a stunning colour.

These are as the photos and are £20 plus postage...and available now.

There are 3 other options for the base of the badge: Black chrome, gold chrome and mirror chrome.

These will be available in a couple of weeks and are priced at £28 including postage!

All badges have a self adhesive backing and cover the locator holes on the tailgate.

The badges measure approximately 90mm x 45mm.





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30 minutes ago, Azurez33 said:

They look great mate! is there any other options with primary colour etc? 

Yes the Z can be done in metallic red, gloss black, matte black, metallic silver, flip colour (as first pic) and metallic pink! Was there a particular colour that you were after?

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  • zippypooz changed the title to TOMMY KAIRA STYLE BADGES...
1 minute ago, Azurez33 said:

Would you possibly be willing to try a deep metallic purple one ? 😉

I can do but obviously i'd need to order the colour in unless i can locate a small amount of it.

I'll see what i can do.

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Saw these in the flesh today and i have  to say they look fantastic and the finish is first class. I don’t have a z anymore as is well documented but if I did I would have one of these. Outside of a stubby what else can you do for under £30 that mods and changes  the look of your z for the better. Top job...

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