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Z1 Motorsports 370Z Urethane Motor Mounts - New


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Pair of Z1 Urethane motor mounts for 370Z brand new never used, still have original box and instructions.


£175 posted firm. No offers.


Details can be  found here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/engine/dampeners-mounts/7096-370z-z1-motorsports-urethane-motor-mounts.html

or: https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/z1-motorsports-370zg37q50q60r35-urethane-motor-mounts-p-5587.html


Potential bargain for someone as they are £229 from Torqen.













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2 hours ago, Umster said:

How these have not sold is beyond me. Even importing them from US isn't this cheap. This and a new gearbox mount and you'll get more hurses getting to the rear wheels. 


Yeah I'm surprised as well to be honest. There just doesn't seem to be that much interest in 370Z performance upgrades in the UK for some reason... which is a shame really

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After spending time and money modding a few other cars, I'm missing my Z. The cost of the car and the aftermarket parts is small change compared to doing the same on German cars. 


This mod is a prime example. GLWTS and I'll be keeping an eye on your build thread for any more updates. 

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On 17/04/2022 at 06:11, Willsy1980 said:

Is it a big job getting these installed ?

Guessing its not a weekend spanner job in the driveway ?


Not a small job, but not a massive one either. Undertray off for the bottom nut. Strut brace and intakes out from the top. Access is a lot better without the headers in the way but can be done with them in place. Jack the engine using a bit of timber across the sump. Reckon it would easily be done at home in under a day.


Paying a garage... maybe 3 hours at a guess. Might be worth some of the experienced traders on here chiming in as I'm sure they've done a few in their time

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