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350Z Nismo S-Tune exhaust


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I have owned this exhaust since new and it was installed on my car until I sold it.


Fantastic exhaust with a great sound, no drone but really makes the 350z sound amazing.


There are no nuts or gaskets included, these are easy enough to buy and you can use your existing nuts and bolts.


Includes the fitting instructions that came with it, these detail the nuts and bolt sizes.


The Brading on the flexis has worn. Replacements are readily available from loads of places and its a quick and easy job to get them welded in. Although the brading is worn, the flexis don't leak as the internal tube is still complete.


3" exhaust after the y pipe


The exhaust was removed from the car literally 40 minutes ago hence it not being cleaned up.


Selling by collection only from a NG4 postcode For £650


If a buyer wishes me to post then they will need to arrange this









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"Selling by collection only from a NG4 postcode For £650"


"Price dropped to £800 as it looks like it was a little high on price "


"price dropped to £750 due to the work needed on the flexis."


Ummm, you start at £650 then all of a sudden you drop price to £800 then £750 !  Have you joined the John Lewis brigade in dumping the "not knowingly undersold ? :-)






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