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  1. Good buy. I spent over 1200 building mine by the time you buy all the bits
  2. Exhaust looks very similar to my Nismo. Should be stamped into the stainless under the rear box.
  3. Hiya. I'll take the lot of you can post. Thanks!
  4. As title, Kaaz or similar. Gearing not a concern. Can be housed or just assembly. Thanks.
  5. 3 belts now. It had no belt when I bought it so must have had an issue. I followed tensioning specs closely incase it was that. Balancer has no play and air con pulley is smooth etc.
  6. Hi guys. My car breaks Aircon belts over 100 miles. It wears on the edge closest to the engine but all pulleys look straight and air con does work well!! Has anybody had anything similar before?
  7. I'm after the piece below. It'll need cutting as it's spot welded in place. Can anybody help me out? Thanks!
  8. I have the same exhaust and it's absolutely brilliant sounding.
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