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Stupid Question - Supercharger with blower

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Okay so apologies in advance for the stupid question,


I absolutely love the rat rod style of those old 70s small block engines with the supercharger and blower sticking out of the bonnet. 


I have scoured the internet and cannot find anyone who has done this to the DE engine on a 350z and was wondering if anybody has done it?


I'm not an expert on forced induction but from my small understanding, with the right fabrication and some tuning to account for the supercharger and intake, isn't it theoretically possible?


To clarify I'm not intending to try and do this to try and make some crazy power I'm just genuinely curious if its possible to even get the look

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I've seen some that have been done on the old chevy v6 engines in other forums. I'm just curious to see if it's possible really or if anyone has already done it. 

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Be best to do an LS conversion first then you would haver plenty of blowers to choose from and the power would be amazing, can't see it being worth it on a DE engine the lack of parts would mean by the time the fabrication had been done the LS conversion would be cheaper.


Nice to see some alternate thinking though :thumbs:

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Only ever seen one Zed with a blower sitting on the bonnet.

Apparently you can get a K&N blower with dual intakes on a DE that'll give you 422bhp at the wheels as long as you keep the standard exhaust as it gives better "back pressure":doh:


It didn't go down well with the car community:surrender::lol:





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