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Brembo Pads.

Mike k-g

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Today i was looking at changing my front pads only on my Nismo M2...the pads that came out was Nissan

own make which was stamped on the pads..However when fitting the new pads which was Brembos from ebay

i was having trouble getting the new pads in had to tap them in with a hammer...after tapping them in the 1 pad seems

to be sticking out more than  the other.. not happy with this iv'e put the old ones back in ...my calliper on the car is a Nissan 

calliper not sure  it all 370 are the same up front..Should i buy Geniume Nissan brake pads?


Thanks Mike

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I’ve had to grind excess material from the non-friction material parts of pads before to get them to fit. It’s just manufacturing tolerances, nothing to worry about unless something really really doesn’t fit, or you feel that what you do to make it fit will cause a safety issue. 

Happens with genuine parts as well as pattern ones. 

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