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Original BOSE sub or aftermarket?

Matt Pugh

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Hi all,


Unfortunately I found out the hard way as this was my first nissan, found out after I bought the car that it has either had the original BOSE sub removed or just didn't come with it. So I was wondering whether I should buy the original sub or get a different one. I've seen that newer and older years have different connectors so just to clarify I have a 16 Nismo. 



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3 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

If your zed has cloth seats it may be a non GT zed that came without leather or Bose.

General consensus is that aftermarket sub and amp is much better than the Bose.

Yeah I have the nismo recaro seats, still have the Bose speakers in the front just thought it was weird it didn't have the sub, ohwell lol and that's what I was thinking but just wanted to see if it was worth the hassle getting an aftermarket sub and amp. Thanks for the help

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