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  1. Hi Mike, what were your symptoms of your synchro issue?, may have an issue myself lol. Matt
  2. Appreciate it pal! Just waiting on some other parts to come then I'll be finished for abit haha. You're totally right mate! There are so many to choose from which makes it even more difficult to pick lol. Such a big decision, picking a set of wheels, I feel abit calmer now. No way haha that sounds crazy But yeah the Z takes on concave wheels very nicely indeed!
  3. Thank you very much mate I appreciate it. Looks alot more full when it is lowered which I love. There are so many coilovers to choose from, I've heard great things from a few suppliers such as BC Racing and KW etc. Even lowering springs will do.
  4. These pictures were from my mate as his camera on his phone is better then mine lol, as he sent them to me the quality may have been compressed, but I get here you're coming from, actually had to crop myself out on one of them haha. But yeah will do for sure! Want to get some proper pics from a photographer etc
  5. Hi all, Recently had my set of Forgestar F14's in Bronze Burst fitted to my Z and I love them! Had them fitted with a set of KW V3's, looks and feels great! My camera doesn't do the colour justice but here are a few pics
  6. Ordered my Motordyne Shockwave back at the start of Feb, was given around about May time for delivery. They have recently announced that they have stopped taking new orders for the time being due to the backlog being too large. For the time being I am sporting the Torqen Short Tail's which has a lovely low, deep, throaty sound which is very addicting. Granted they aren't a Cat back but great for being a budget exhaust, was only looking for the sound back when I bought them. Highly recommend if you aren't chasing gains, made such a difference. My car insta is @Pughz34 which has a c
  7. Nice one Jon thanks for your suggestion mate I was able to buy that cable harness which worked perfectly. Had to go down the DIY route because wheels, coilovers and a new exhaust has set me back a little bit
  8. Yeah that is crazy lmao and definitely not surprised you got tinnitus . Honestly don't blame you, probably is for the best haha, safe choice .
  9. Thank you very much mate, appreciate it! Yeah it's crazy how strong some subs are, they do surprise everyone haha. Honestly I'm a beginner, this was all a first for me so goes to show anyone can do it! But if it ever does go just let me know, I'll be happy to help 👍🏻. Thats exactly what I wanted, the boot space is small as it is and couldn't afford to lose anymore lol. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I recently finished my first ever subwoofer install and I am very happy with the outcome so just wanted to do a quick write up on it! So like most I had a spare wheel area that was just wasted space and thought it was perfect for a subwoofer, I needed abit more bass and have read mixed reviews over the bose sub that comes with the car so decided to go down the aftermarket route. My set up is a Juice 1201D Mono amp and a JBL GT4-12 series sub. I started with cutting out an area for the amp. Then needed to measu
  11. Hi mate thanks for the reply, thank you anyway but I'm trying to go down the aftermarket sub route, appreciate it anyway
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. The amp is probably still there, I tried to have a look today for the amp but struggled to remove the polystyrene bit below the crash bar, seemed to be under the weird plastic bits so do I have to remove the plastic bits to remove it? Will this aid the process? Did you manage to use the wires that plugged into your bose amp for your aftermarket amp? Also there are RCA ports in the center console area, fan I use these to plug into the amp or do I have to feed wires into the HU? Here is the sub I have (pic below) still need to get a amp an
  13. I bought a 2016 nismo but unfortunately either the previous owner took the bose sub or it didn't come with one, either way the cable and connector is still in the boot. My question is, can you tap into those wires and connect it to an aftermarket amp and sub? The wires on the cable are Black, Green, White and Red. Am I wrong to think this is power, earth left and right? Any help or advice would be appreciated cheers
  14. Thanks the help, Bob fitted my 4th brake light so I might contact him and ask for some advice, unaware if they do or do not have the same transmission, I have a feeling they do for some reason, many thanks
  15. Sorry for the late response and thank you very much for your suggestion, you could be right about the adjustment. And yes it is a manual. I recently just had it serviced yesterday and the only thing that flagged up was that my clutch master cylinder fluid was contaminated. Could this be a sign of the clutch slave cylinder on its way out? And could that be a result of all my problems? The biting point is also literally as you're taking your foot off the clutch, that's how high it is lmao, cheers
  16. Thanks for getting back to me, can you recommend any Z specialists? I have no problem travelling :). Last time I posted about the tranny I was a 25k miles and currently at 27600 miles. Symptoms include not being able to get into 2nd gear, having to wait a second or two until the rpms drop for it to go into place. Loud clunk when it does slip into it not smooth at all and makes the car judder, sometimes I have experienced a grinding sound and the feeling of clunking of the internal splines on the gears which is horrible. Recently started to experience not being able to go into 6th g
  17. Hi all, I've posted in the past my problem with the transmission of my 2016 370z Nismo and it's getting worse/deteriorating. I replaced the transmission fluid with the highly recommended redline mt-85 but it has unfortunately not changed anything in my case :(. Ive taken it to 2 nissan dealerships now yet they have both came to the conclusion of no fault found and turned me away. I'm going to try have my car booked into for the 3rd time for a diagnostic and see what they say. If they say they no fault found again I can request to have them take off the transmission and have a look inside
  18. I sure will drop him a follow thanks. Righteo I understand that now, probably will have the P3 at 27000 miles then I believe. And I think I'd like to change my oils before then so will see that in the near future but I really think that this isn't a normal feel, I believe it's the syncros 100%. I came from a totally different spectrum car so I knew it was gonna be more notchy and stiffer but this isn't right I think, will try get it sorted out thanks for the help
  19. Yeah I've always been aware of the don't rest on the shifter and clutch etc so I know it's not my part. Like your situation the previous owner probably did :/ I'll see what nissan will say or if they will get back to me during this pandemic but would be interesting if I can take it to an approved garage to get it looked at, it's horrible and really getting in my nerves. Hopefully it would be covered
  20. I have drove another newer nismo in the past but didnt feel similar to my situation. Unfortunately I don't know anyone else who owns a Z near me, lonely ranger haha so I'm stuck lol. And I haven't had the car long enough for a service, I presume or hope they refresh the oils lol. Personally I haven't refreshed the oils in the 7000 miles I've had it. Sorry I don't know what you mean by P3?
  21. Okay I shall go to the local one which have helped me in the past and that is a really good question, I am unaware so will have to call up, I presume they are on furlough but you never know, we shall see
  22. Thought so, I've read about it alot and many people have the same issue I'm having but I've only seen older cars such as 07 etc with higher miles have it, unusual for mine but guess this stuff happens. Do I have to go to a nismo specialised nissan garage or can I go to the normal passenger car nissan dealership? The reason is I live quite far from any nismo garage.
  23. I own a 2016 370z Nismo with 25k miles. I am the second owner of the car and bought it August 2019 when it had 18500 miles. The gears have always been notchy which was expected but recently the last few months its been really difficult to change from 1st to 2nd. 1. There is a lot of resistance trying to go into 2nd so I wait and don't force it then it falls in and 2. There is a grinding gear sound most of the time if I have to try change gear without waiting. This happens both warm or cold and high or low rpm. I've lost confidence in the car with shifting from 1st to 2nd which is a real shame
  24. Hi all, 16 Nismo I went to a nissan dealership today to try and have the ASC turned off, I went into the workshop with the technicians and saw the CONSULT system they use. They found the option to turn off the Active Sound Control and turned it off aswell as the ANC which I witnessed because I wanted it gone. After that I went for a drive but could still hear it, took it back again asked to be hooked up and to see if the options were off which they double checked and made sure they were off however I can still hear the unnatural whining even when I'm in neutral coasting at 50-60 mph any r
  25. Yeah not to worry and yeah picked it up last August and been loving it ever since! And no need! It's all good, thank you for your help anyway
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