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Picking up my 350Z tomorrow need some help with items please

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Good evening everyone.


Well after a long time of searching i have found a 350Z that luck enough close to me. She is a JDM import 2004 with the nismo kit. She has a couple of issues but due to the age i wouldn't expect any less. I want to get the below parts on order i believe there is a couple trader on the forum that a bit of discounts to members. 


I want to give the old girl a good service all fluids i believe from what i have ready they people recommend Nissan fluids other than engine oil.


Oil i was going to purchase Castrol edge 5W30 would people recommend this i have used it in my other JDM cars.

Transmission oil with molyslip

Diff oil



With regards to oil filter, fuel filter and spark plugs what brands would people recommend or could you go to euro car parts to get the brand Mann and Bosch for example.


Thank you guys for taking the time to read and help :) so glad i am on the way to have a 350Z been after one for years ;).

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Welcome to Zed world, are you doing the coolant on her too ?. If so search out the guide for the bleeding the air out, Zeds are notorious for air locking, failing that search out member trader Zmanalex for guidance on this part of the service

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