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  1. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, I am looking to get a new bumper as it might be more cost effective than repairing mine. I like both the V2 & V3 and would prefer to be in KYO. Also need a KYO NSF wing needs to mint no rust or dents and also my cloth drivers seat is ripped so i am thinking of getting a pair of bucket seats with rails but prefer to have tilted ones please.
  2. Good morning All, I have been looking on the site for this info which i have found the information to program the key to do the locking and unlocking. However, i have not seen anything on how to program the new key to start the car. I have a JDM 2004 which only has one key now i do want to get a second. Do i have to take the car to nissan or is there an way to program the key to start as well as unlocking?
  3. I have found out today that my car has a VLSD so would the above link KE907-99932 be the correct oil?
  4. Hello Alex, How can i tell if i have a LSD or VLSD? i do have the chassis number if that helps. So the KE916-99931 (MT-XZ) gearbox oil is for manuals.
  5. Thank you very much Jack :). I have been reading there are different of diff fluid due to LSD.
  6. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, I am sorry this post has probably been asked before but i have just contacted my local nissan dealer and asked for coolant, gearbox oil and diff oil. They were unable to help as they said that there charts wouldn't show due to the car being an import. i gave over the Reg and Chassis number but this still didnt help as there are quite a few choices. I know there are a could of different types of diff oil due to the LSD if i am current i have no idea how to tell which is correct. Please help peeps :). Regards, Nick
  7. Good evening everyone. Well after a long time of searching i have found a 350Z that luck enough close to me. She is a JDM import 2004 with the nismo kit. She has a couple of issues but due to the age i wouldn't expect any less. I want to get the below parts on order i believe there is a couple trader on the forum that a bit of discounts to members. I want to give the old girl a good service all fluids i believe from what i have ready they people recommend Nissan fluids other than engine oil. Oil i was going to purchase Castrol edge 5W30 would people recomme
  8. Hello All, After finding a lovely 350z that i was going to look at i was the 2nd in the que and missed out as it was bought. No surprise really as it really was a lovely looking 350. So i am now on the look for another. So If you have a pre 2006 and are thinking of parting with your 350z I have 5K max to play with. Please send me a PM with a photo, price and spec .
  9. Hi Mikey, Thank you for this i have found out that the car was registers in Ireland before the UK so that explains it
  10. Hello All, I am hoping to go have a look at a 350Z this weekend but i need a bit of advise. When i have a look at the direct gov website to check the mot history it matches the service history which is great however the record only goes back to 2013. the car is a 2003 plate and isnt an import i have never seen this before.
  11. Well it seems like it will cost more to import than It would to get a uk model. I believed from importing last time it would be a lot cheaper.
  12. yeah you are possibly right here I will have a think and see what happens but it will probably be a UK model. I thought they might do a deal as my brother was looking to import also so that would be 2 cars they would get in one go. I have also emailed JM-import and Torque GT just waiting on a response.
  13. I contacted a Importer on Sunday and just hear from them and they wanted £6000 for the 350Z which I thought was about right. I then said ok I could do something like that then there was a but. It will cost you for the car in total £8000 all duty's and everything paid. I said I could by a low mileage on in the uk for less that £8000 so I will be knocking that on the head. I bought a Toyota starlet from japan for £3000 now 7 years ago not so good ones were going for that sort of money you had to pay £5000 for a good one. Now I went to a company and said I want a starlet with body kit, w
  14. It is running a 351 Cleveland ford mustang v8. it was built for the drag strip but it is also road legal
  15. Are people getting different mpg if it is an import over a UK model?
  16. The 350Z would take over from the Honda. She is still a good car but she is getting a little old now.
  17. When I bought the manta at the start of the year it looked like his a very sorry state for herself. Now this is her now My everyday car is this beauty
  18. Hello All, Just wondering what MPG you all are getting in from your 350Z and how much does it cost to fill the tank and how many miles do you get to the tank.
  19. Thank you all very much for the help and advise I am still in to minds about importing. My brother will be importing a civic type r and I was thinking of doing the same its all about finding the right importer.
  20. yeah I will keep my eye out on forum and in the uk. I didn't know she was chain driven but that should last the life of the engine.
  21. Ha ha ha that's me looking like a noob well that a part of my bill saved well waterpump needs to be changed.
  22. Thank you for the welcome. I am looking into getting one as I currently have a 1996 Honda integra type r which is awesome and a newly restored 1973 opel manta v8 .
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