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2005 350Z GT for sale - £2250

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Late 2005 350Z GT, 87,000 miles. Gunmetal, Alezan seats and 18in Rays alloys.

The car is a bit of a project for someone who can get the bodywork issues sorted and is a Cat D write off as it had suffered damage to both front wings (see photos). I replaced them in 2014 with some pattern parts, undersealed the rear of them and painted them with rattle cans with poor results. Some superficial rust has set in around each front arch as well as one or two scabs of rust.

Reason for sale - I need something more practical now as I’m only going to run one car.

The Z has been great to own and drive as well as superbly reliable in the 6 years I’ve owned it - a faulty battery causing the only failure to start.

It’s completely stock, bar a braided line to a renewed clutch slave cylinder.

The wheels are in reasonable condition having been refurbished 2 years ago.

The rear arches seem to be corrosion-free. After buying the car, I cleaned the inside of the rear arches thoroughly and undersealed them.

The engine and transmission are virtually bone dry, just a small amount of oil seepage at the front behind a pulley.

I replaced the banana arm bushes immediately after purchase.

The ancillary belts were all replaced when I got the car but could do with changing again.

Brake pads and front discs are about 20,000 miles old, rear discs are older. The front pads are ready to be changed.

I’ve done all the servicing myself, changing the engine oil and filter every 10k miles or yearly. I’ve not replaced the gearbox or differential fluid.

It does have some dealer service history (see photos).

Bluetooth adapter installed and supports Windows phones and iPhone but not Samsung.

The interior is in very good condition.

Genuine Z floor mats.

There are a few small corrosion bubbles on the bonnet lip.

The front bumper has had one or two small bumps in the past and needs a repair and paint.

There is a bit of overspray on the rear window seal.

It currently has winter tyres fitted all round, Continentals on the front and Pirellis on the rear. I found it excellent in snow during the heavy snow of the winter of 17/18, when I used it for commuting across the Pennines from Skipton to Halifax. It kept going when rwd BMWs and fwd cars got stuck.

The CD player does not work. I have the lead to do the iPod hack if needed.

When is AC is on, the engines revs often hang around 1300/1400 rpm.


Thanks for looking.

























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Reduced price

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Price reduced to £2500! And update -

I replaced the coolant temp sensor a couple of months ago and have been monitoring the idle speed "hanging".

I must have done close to 1000 miles since replacing the sensor and resetting everything and it seems to have all but eradicated the problem. With AC off, the idle always returns immediately to 750/800 rpm. With AC on, it will initially drop to 1100 rpm and then in a few seconds, gradually come down to 900 rpm. Very occasionally it will "hang" around 1400ish rpm and will take its own sweet time to return to normal. If you turn off the engine and then restart, the idle remains at 1400ish rpm, you get on with your journey and the high idle goes away in its own time.



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Sorry just noticed your post - didnt get a notification. I'm close to Skipton, North Yorkshire,   BD20 9DL. 

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The car will be in the north east for the next couple of days - near Durham. 

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Price reduced to £2250.

I was just about to put the Zed on ebay and then noticed that if it went for £2500, I'd have to pay 250 in selling fees. With that in mind I thought I'd reduce the price to £2250 and cut ebay out!

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Where does it say that, pop the link up so we can take a look. The link I posted shows you pay an up front fee for a classified listing then no further fees, if you do it as an auction it clearly states the maximum you would pay is £45. No one would sell cars on ebay if you paid them up to £250 to sell it, yet its the biggest listing of cars for sale in the UK. I have sold 3 cars on ebay just posted them up as a listed car for sale in the motors section then when someone came over and bought it I just updated it as sold. 

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And thanks for pointing it out :D - Ive never sold a car on ebay before, but Im going to have a go now!

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