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HGV vs Zed near crash

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Hi all,


I wanted to run this past the group as I believe the zed drivers actions are an embarrassment to us all




For those not on facebook here is the original quote



PE04RGY if you are on here
If this is your car you need to have a look at your driving skills as well as your speedo

If you want to go along the m6 doing 42mph that’s fine
But get yourself in the left lane (lane hogging is an offence and will get you points)
I gave you a polite flash to tell you, you think brake testing repeatedly a 44t Hgv is a good idea too (it will also get you a points too, or worse when someone decides they don’t want to be as responsive on the brakes as you are)

I have all the footage for you if you would like to view your stupidity, take this as a warning as police will be very interested in things like this if you’d like to try it again.


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2 hours ago, The Bounty Bar Kid said:

Content not found :thumbdown:

it's in the "350z & 370z | BATTALION Z | Sponsored by TORQEN" group, open to all zed owners and the admin (adrian from torqen) approves new members fairly quickly

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4 hours ago, stoofer said:

They only drive 1,500 miles a year (according to the MOT history) so I'm guessing old guy/gal ?

An old guy who accidentally has a plate which spells "Pee Orgy" lmao.

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