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Extended warranty


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I wonder what`s covered and will be repaired under the warranty. 

The wife`s Mokka came with the lifetime warranty from Vauxhall but I get the impression it was just a sales gimmick and pretty worthless and anything that can be expected to wear out/fail over time won`t be repaired free of charge under the warranty.  So in effect only things that are never ever going to fail are covered.

I expect after a few years time the dealers will try write any failure off to fair wear and tear.

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Check the terms and wording very carefully - some are better than others.  Wouldn’t expect anything other than manufacturing faults to be covered and even then it’ll depend on what their definition of manufacturing fault is, as that itself will differ from provider to provider.


As for if it’s worth it; how long is a piece of string? Ask yourself how likely is any fault that it covers of occurring and what’s the cost to repair, then come to your own conclusion.

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