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Exhaust and HFC's

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Hi All,


Been thinking about getting a new exhaust and some HFC's. Any recommendations would be great.


Got a couple of questions relating to this though.


Would it also be wise to upgrade the air intakes as well? I'm guessing with the addition of High Flow Cats you need filters that will draw more air in or would the factory fitted ones be fine?


Also, would I need to get my zed remapped afterwards?



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Any change to exhaust, cats or air flow should be re-mapped to give optimum performance.  HFC’s occasionally, not always, play havoc (probably the wrong word) with the MAF sensors that can throw up a CEL, even when re-mapped.


Not sure whether there are aftermarket MAF sensors that can cope with the occasional CEL.  I used to get the guys at Infiniti to reset CEL when it occurred running Akrapovic and Berks HFC’s, even tho I had an ‘up-rev’ soon after fitting.


just to add I had aftermarket air filter as well 

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