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Dash cam

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I know the thread's old but I have a Blackvue (one of the latest ones, cigar shaped thing) running in the front and back. It plugs into a Celllink battery under the driver's seat, which in turn is hardwired into one of the ACC spots on the fuse box. I turn the speed off on the camera telematics so you can't tell, haha.


It's a bit of a bugger to fit (a rear mount will need you to pull out bits of the headliner etc as needed) but not impossible, I never wrench on the car myself and I could do it.


Very useful bit of kit, stays on for a day or two after the car is switched off and records any activity around the car. Came in especially useful when I discovered my neighbour was dumping rubbish around my spot in my communal garage - identified him and had a stern word!

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Simples. Plug it into the ciggie lighter port behind your drivers seat. Run it under the plastic door trim and then push it in the rubber around the door column and then up behind the trim around your windscreen and drop the lead down. Push it in with a flat blade screw driver.


Job done.



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Cheers, all sorted, didn't realise the 370 had an extra power outlet under the glovebox. Cable through the headliner, down the door seal and under the carpet. Thanks for the advice

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