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Hi all, I'm Simon. Live near Milton Keynes and just bought a 2004 350z. Had never even been in one and was looking for a fun road/track day car. Looking at all the hot hatches as that's generally as far as budget stretches but nothing really excited me, that changed with my first test drive in the 350.

I have had it for 2 weeks and have already experienced a few little gremlins so I'm sure I'll be asking some questions from the vets in the group but totally love the car and looking forward to some light tinkering!

Ps. I have a set of 19" rays forged 5 spoke wheels (believe they are LMGT4 wheels) which I will swap out for smaller, anyone know what they may be worth as I can't find any others to compare?!

Much love, looking forward to seeing some of your creations. SiScreenshot_20180326-125309.png.80eeff5840f0e5e6552ed1a38a7b19b2.png


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Welcome aboard Simon. :welcome: 


Personally I'd keep those alloys, ...as said fairly expensive even used and they suit the Zed really well imho. :thumbs: 


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Welcome! Coincidentally, I was planning to go view that car a few weeks ago. You beat me to it!

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