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Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose


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On 31/10/2018 at 10:07, cs2000 said:

Hi all, quick update and we finally have good news!


1.6 arrived Friday, built over the weekend and "tested" on Monday, this all works. Its now in a post van on the way to @Kyzak to test the install.


It all works on my bench, but the thing im not sure on is quite what the Bose unit will think when you unplug the tape deck and stick something else in there then press the tape button. It may completely freak out, it may just sit and wait for an input, kinda depends if theirs communication between the tape deck and the head unit (it will likely fail), however if its just passive then it should work.


Fingers crossed for some updated soon :)

Sorry for jumping into this thread after a couple of months.


I've only had my 350z 2 weeks now but would love to have Bluetooth audio on the standard Bose system, (want to keep everything looking original). Do you have any updates on this new kit that you were working on? 


I need to take my head unit out to sort the left door speaker problems so would love to perhaps add this kit whilst I'm in there.




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Seems like my plug and play module is a no-go im afraid guys.


Ive took a long look at the tape deck's PCB and for all intents and purposes, it looks like a "dumb" PCB, theirs no chips on it, some jellybean resistors, capacitors and the tape deck motor, but it looks to me like its main job is to take the signals from the tape read head/front panel buttons and just forward them in an unintelligent manner to the respective components.


I identified the 9v supple and ground connections but for some reason/some how, the system refuses to enter tape mode, so it must be checking somehow that the tape desk is connected before it allows the mode switch. Being an older system, i assumed it was pretty unintelligent, but its smarter than me!


If anyone wants to take a look at the project with me and maybe find a way forward working together on it, im happy to share my eagle PCB designs. The PCB works 100% on my desk, fits onto the tape deck's connector lovely and streams bluetooth when powered externally, but somehow just cant get the Bose to switch to tape mode.

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On 18/06/2019 at 09:40, cs2000 said:

OK, been chatting with @jnkent36 and will be making a module up for him.


Am ordering the bits to make another 2 extra modules in-case theirs someone that wants one, let me know.

hi sorry to jump on old thread can you still make these?

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