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What mod did you do today? (370z)


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For some reason, there isn't a 370 version of this thread, so I though I would kick one off.


So, earlier this week I received a nice big box from our good friend Chris at Tarmac Sportz



After a few minutes of 'puppy at christmas' style unwrapping, my dose of zeditus medicine graced the kitchen worktop



But it had to wait until all the Fathers Day festivities had been done at the weekend, so I had this displayed, teasing me to fit it, for a few days!


A quick pic of the test fit, without the heat shrouds - such a pity we have to concern ourselves with heat soak ....



Then, after 3&1/2 hours, a bit of fettling, two bolts dropped into the undertray and the compulsory donation of blood to the mod gods




Just a simple addition to the engine bay, but a necessary one, I think you will agree :teeth:

Then, of course, I took it for a test drive - at first I was a little disappointed. I was hoping for a bit more sucky sucky sounds...

BUT THEN - I got it onto a clear straight, dropped a couple of cogs and planted it ......... OH F**K YEAH :clap: The whole engine note is a little deeper, the V6 growl soooo much more pronounced (kind of like the Jag F-Type V6 noise) and my seat-of-the-pants dyno says it revs a little quicker too.


A big thanks to Chris for the quick delivery of this lovely piece of kit - and an apology to Adrian, as this took precedence over fitting his top-of-the-line engineered wheel spacers ... next weekend !


:) Draco

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Well, the filters and stickers are red so that got to add at least 10-15bhp, right ? :)


Seriously though, the smooth bore of the intakes will help flow, against the crinkle cut of the standard elephant trunks, as well as the increase in filter surface area. At some point I'm going to fit some ducting from the front grille through the front bulkhead to replace the air box tunnels I had to remove, to increase the fresh air feed.


Then will probably go for an ECUTek upgrade at it's next service with Abbey, to tie in these and the free-flow exhaust I got at the beginning of the year.

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Seems I'm the only modding their 370z for these couple of weeks !


Finally got some helpful weather, so these and the tools got pulled on to the front drive:



In progress:



The difference is so good !

Before Front:



After Front:



Before Rear:



After Rear:



Big thanks to Adrian for these :thumbs:

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