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370z nismo tyres

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I know this has been raised before however I though I had the solution that there were still pilot super sports available in 245/40/19 however when I checked today I can't find them anywhere.


The tyre sizes needed are 245/40/19 fronts and 285/35/19 rears.


I don't really fancy dropping to a 35 and 30 profile.


What are the suggestions?


Or would using 245/40/19 mps4 on the front and 285/35/19 mps4s on the rear work?


Any helps much appreciated as after a trackday today they are in desperate need of being replaced.

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After a long time searching, I found MPSS in front sizes on autopink-shop.co.uk

Had never heard of them and they were pricey, but ordered them up anyway. Then subsequently sold the car before I had them put on! Needless to say I now have them sat in the garage and if I can't get shot of them then the wee one is going to have the world's most expensive tree swings in the back garden!! LOL

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Don't mix MPS4 and MPS4S, they're radically different.


Either go:










... all on MPS4S. Dropping a profile isn't going to make that much difference, and it's a better option than running either crappy tyres or mixed ones. IMHO, YMMV etc.

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Is the speedo driven from the front axle or the rear axle?


changing from 245/40/19 front to a 35 ratio tyre will change the circumference of the tyre and possible effect the spedo etc if driven from the front axle.


However if the spedo is driven from the rear axle the only effect on the car would be the front would be lowered by up to 12.25mm compared with std.


245/40 gives a tyre height of 98mm

Rolling circumference of 2131.9mm


245/35 would be 85.74mm - therefore lowering the front of the car by 12.25mm while also increasing the wheel arch to tyre gap by 12.25mm

Rolling circumference of 2054.9mm (giving a spedo error of 3.6% if driven from front axle)


255/35 would be 89.25mm

265/34 would be 92.95mm

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