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Performance Driver Track Day - Saturday 22nd July 2017


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Performance Driver Track Day

An action-packed day run by CAT Driver Training Ltd at Millbrook Proving Ground. The day is a fast-moving experience for 6 owners and their cars to introduce the secrets of performance driving. It is designed to be informative, exciting and fun. The group size is purposefully kept small so that the maximum can be obtained from the day in a highly-personalised environment. There is access to the 5 unique circuits at the renowned Millbrook Proving Ground, a venue that is not normally accessible for 'track days' and the general public.


Activities designed for the different circuits are:

- Learn threshold braking from high speed on the Mile Straight

- High speed driving, potentially to the maximum of your car, on the banked circuit of the High Speed Circuit

- Drive the demanding Alpine Route circuit with its hills, and variety of corners from hairpins to long and sweeping

- Take on the tight, twisty and challenging Handling Circuit

- Put a car through its paces on the open spaces of the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron


An instructor will accompany you on all the circuits, and the objective is to teach you how to get the best from your car and develop your performance driving skills in a controlled environment and at a pace you are comfortable with. Short presentations in vehicle dynamics will help you to understand the relationship between driver input and vehicle balance and control. From this comes the appreciation of how to safely drive your vehicle at grip limit within the controlled confines of a track environment. At the end of the day, your new-found skills can be put to the test in a timed shoot out around a gymkhana-style course laid out on the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron.


Though this is 'Track Day' in name the skills learned and developed during the session will stand you in good stead on the road as well. Drivers looking to improve their all round ability will benefit as much as those want to shave tenths/seconds off lap times.


Included in the day are:

- Professional in car tuition

- Access to 5 unique circuits at Millbrook Proving Ground

- Lunch and refreshments during the day

- Timed end of day shoot out

- Full emergency services on hand all day

- 1 hour 40 minutes driving time with your personal instructor


Performance Driver 'Track' Day Schedule

08:30-09:15 Coffee, Introduction, Licence Check, Scrutineering, Safety Briefing & Objectives of the Day

09:30-09:35 Drive to Circuits

09:30-11:00 Mile Straight

11:00-11:50 High Speed Circuit

11:50-13:15 Handling Circuit

13:15-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Alpine Route

15:00-15:45 Understeer/Oversteer

15:45-16:45 Gymkhana timed Shoot Out on the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron

16:55 Presentation & Debrief

Any Questions



Timings & Circuit order may be subject to change on the day depending on circuit activity.


Members Pricing

3 participating members = £445 pp

4 participating members = £420 pp

6 participating members = £400 pp


Note on noise limits ... to quote me "there is no limit unless you are a Le Mans Prototype or an F1 car". If anyone thinks they can compete at that level on noise, be sure to mention it when booking!


First six reserves that do not get a place this time will get first refusal on the next Millbrook event - date tbc dependent on interest. Other reserves will be contacted about future events as they are planned. Even though the list might be full please do shout if you are interested!


Saturday 22nd July 2017:

1. SuperStu - Paid in Full

2. Wasso - Paid in Full

3. Will370z - Paid in Full

4. Nissanman312 - Paid in Full

5. GeorgeB - Paid in Full

6. grumpyoldjanner - Paid in Full


Payment of a £200 deposit needs to be paid now to confirm your place *, by bank transfer, cheque or debit and credit cards. The latter attract merchant fees of up to 2.25% of the value depending on the card type. The balance will be due by 22nd June 2017 at the latest Note: this day is for a maximum of six people. * Monies paid will be refunded if you/we are able to resell your place.


The list will be updated to reflect payments as they are received. Any questions let me know.




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Hi Peeps - the group on the 19th have all been in touch with just one deposit to go to finalise the day :thumbs:


Would it be possible for Wasso, Will370z, Nissanman321 and GeorgeB to do the same here please B)


FYI I'm out for the rest of the day but will be back in the office tomorrow, Friday.




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Thanks All ... deposits and details all received from you. Lynne will get your confirmation letters and invoices prepared and emailed to you this week. Any questions let us know. We'll give you a nudge in near to 22 June for your balances & look forward to meeting you all on 22nd July.




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Sorry Will370z - I've been away celebrating my silver wedding anniversary for a few days. If you'd left a message I'd have called you back. Hopefully Lynne managed to follow up with you after you sent the PM through.




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Sorry Will370z - I've been away celebrating my silver wedding anniversary for a few days. If you'd left a message I'd have called you back. Hopefully Lynne managed to follow up with you after you sent the PM through.





Yup all sorted now. Happy Anniversary.


There was never an opportunity to leave a message, the line just went dead after it rang out. Lynne did get it all sorted though so thanks

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