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Performance Driver Track Day - Wednesday 19th July 2017


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What an amazing day, turned up really not liking the 32 very much at all (sorry to the guys that had to put up with my grumbling) and left loving it. I then got home and started hating it again as coolant looks to be pissing out of the water pump.


Seriously though, great day and I built up so much more confidence with the car and my own ability. At first I didn't even know the limit of the 32 and thought at the limit the 32 would just eat me but I've seen now that I can control it. Really amazing day and the tuition is tight, it's not generic advice it's tailored to your needs and what areas can be improved.


Oh yeah, the fan shroud also decided to collapse right at the start of the day... Luckily we managed to wedge it out of the way. Just another thing for the list.


100% going back once I've fixed this sh1t box.

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Sorry for not being able to say hi to you all until now ... been a busy one.  


It was great to meet you all and spend a very enjoyable day together.  Hope your journeys home were swift and smooth.  Congratulations to our winners on the day:


Driver of the Day = Mouthwash

Fastest Time of the Day = G1en


Photo's are now on the Winners Gallery 


Look forward to seeing you all again at some point in the future either back at Millbrook or wherever else our paths may bring us.





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On 21/07/2017 at 07:48, taybo said:

Would love to do this sometime. Hope more dates become available.


Having just got back home from one of these today, I can assure you I'll be doing my very best to make sure there are.

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