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350z wanted for a Mk4 Supra


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So it's a hard choice but I am putting her up for a possible swap in hopes of getting into my first 350z!


Looking for a straight swap for a manual GT Coupe. Standard bumpers and Wheels still on would be ideal...!


Located in West Midlands


1993 J-Spec NA Auto


138,014 miles (mix of miles & km I believe)


Mot'd till 22nd May 2016


Scorpion Alarm & Immobiliser


The car has undergone a fair chunk of work since I brought her. She's my daily so expect the miles to go up!

Overall body condition, well, it's got the usual dinks, dents, scratches and stone chips of a car it's age and drivers wing is starting to fade slightly.

The engine is solid, recently had the flex plate replaced as it had broken and was causing a noise.

Whilst the engine was out, all seals and gaskets were changed apart from the head gasket. Along with the upper and lower sump being re sealed. Auto box shaft seals were replaced also.


I have plenty of receipts and MOT certificates from previous owners.


Engine has been fully serviced a few months back with HKS Oil, HKS Oil Filter, HKS Spark Plugs, HKS Air Filter, Cam-belt Kit, Auxiliary Belt, Auxiliary Idler Pulley/bearing, Engine Coolant, Distributor Cap, Rotor Arm, Fuel Filter, Fresh Auto Box Oil & new battery. Compressions Checked and Timing Set up.




Standard apart from green vacuum hoses

AirCon System Removed

HKS Induction kit (still have oem air box with HKS panel filter)




HKS Silent Hi-Power Stainless Cat back system




Standard Auto with modified Pajero side mounted oil cooler




Lexus 4 Pot front Calipers with new discs & Pads

J-spec rear Calipers with new pads

Hel hoses braided brake lines

AP Racing fluid




Tein street flex coilovers

Tein EDFC II Electronic Dampening Controller

Whiteline 30mm heavy duty front adjustable sway-bar

Whiteline heavy duty adjustable front drop links

Whiteline 20mm heavy duty rear adjustable sway-bar

Whiteline heavy duty adjustable rear drop links




Standard Body

Cusco Safety 21, 5 point roll cage with safety 21 additional harness / strut bar

Tinted front indicators

Painted inside of headlamps black

Wheel arches and floor waxoyled

Rear wiper removed (still have it)

Rear wing removed (holes covered with black film)




Rear seats removed with side trims for cage (still have the trims)

Fire proof Cage padding

Arm rests trimmed with black suedette

Tailored floor mats

Roof lining and carpet dyed black

Nardi Personal steering wheel

Vibe speakers

Sony MP3 head unit

Standard Seats with seatbelt


Wheels & Tyres;


Brand New Japan Racing 18" JR10 wheels (Staggered fitment)

New Toyo Proxes T1-R Front Tyres

Dunlop Sport Rear Tyres

Rays Durloc wheel nuts with matching lock nuts

Rays valve caps


Bad bits;


Usual marks with age/mileage

Centre console arm rest lid, hinge broken

Dash and doors painted red by previous owner (up to you if that's good or bad)

Electric aerial doesn't work

Front splitter cracked and tied up with a cable tie stitch

Gear stick loose, needs changing














Viewing welcome, Pm for more info.



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if it wasnt NA auto i would have gone at this like a nutter


Not if i got there first haha! i'd swap my zed anyday of the week for a boosted supra!! :lol:


And as above, the N/a's arent very sort for, you'd struggle to get a straight swap i'd say. maybe if you put cash the other way?

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Sooo much hate for the Auto lol.


They are still a plenty capable car and although a non turbo model isn't as desirable, they are still increasing in value (manuals more so) chucking a turbo on these can give good gains, up to 400-500 hp on standard internals on as little as 0.5bar boost...


I am keeping it for now, i have plans for it. Will continue to be lurking in the back ground and saving for a Z though...





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Agree with Bradders, sell as is and add some funds, you wont get a straight swap there is far too much financial daylight between the cheapest 350z and the top end value of your Supra.


If you have funds, then maybe a manual/turbo conversion would be better suited? Seems a nicely prepared machine.

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