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350z Clear front bumper reflectors


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Seeing you are relatively new on the forum I'll just point you in the direction of the Group Buy rules in case you have not seem them:




First observation I would make is that are you are aware the reflectors for the rev-up versions of the 350s are different to the pre-rev-ups?

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I'd be up for a set for an 07 HR. I have a Nismo bumper but assume the reflectors are the same as non-Nismo bumpers? Got any pictures of them, by clear, do you mean white?


If you've a nismo v1 bumper on your HR Jay Kay it will be the pre facelift reflectors you will need I'm sure. Here's a pic of mine if it helps. Mines a DE but all the V1's are the same and I don't think the V2 &3's have reflectors.



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I definately have a v1, as you say v2 and v3 don't have reflectors. But I spoke to someone who sold them a while back and said it was for an 07 hr and they suggested that a standard 07 reflector would work rather than needing an early one


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