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# Polished Strut brace Group buy #


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# Update To get things moving along i'm going to put a close date on these of 29/9/15


I have negotiated a deal with a strut brace manufacturer and am able to offer a group buy.


As fitted to my own car:




They're polished aluminium with blue anodized ends but you could easy repaint them.


RRP is £110


9 are available at present and the price will be £89 Delivered.




The delivery time will be very quick as i've already taken the step and pre bought them so they are available for immediate dispatch .




List so far :

1, rav525 (paid)

2, STYLZ (pulled out)

3, CMCK13 (paid)

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Bullet has paid the Member Trader fee, allowing this ad to be published :)

Thank you

Hey Bullet, do they come with any new bolts at all? Ps dibs on one But will have to send payment next week if that's Ok mate?

No sorry there are no bolts included but payment next week would be fine.


Please start a list if you want one



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