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  1. Think I read that the Shelby was something like you buy a standard V8 and then it's shipped to Shelby who then do all of the upgrades and relieve you of ~£26K Bottom article above :
  2. The biggest change I see is that years ago to have a degree was seen as something special, few people went to university so you were seen as something a bit special when you had. These days it seems that everyone has a degree in something or other and the employment market seems saturated with graduates. I went and was glad I chose a more practical subject (Mech Engineering) but if I had my time over I would probably look at getting into an apprenticeship in something I enjoyed or wanted as a career.
  3. Nick Robinson has said what he actually said was that Alex Salmond DID answer re the RBS question but did NOT re why trust him not company bosses.
  4. I don't mind Scotland deciding either way, it's potentially your country so you should decide the matter and if Scotland would just sign here to indemnify the rest of the UK from any costs resulting from them going independent then no problem at all BUT if Scotland deciding to go independent has a big financial impact on the rest of the UK that is going to mean changes in our taxation/debt/funding etc etc then excuse us for voicing an opinion on the matter even knowing it will make no difference at all. I can understand the value of controlling your own future and being able to tailor your government to the specific needs of the people who they govern, that's what we all want in the end. I just think that from where you are now with the powers that the Scottish Government has to being fully independent is a massive leap of faith with too many unknowns for such a huge decision. If devolution had been extended to it's maximum, it's limits were being strained and because of that a lot more of the unknowns had been considered and contingencies put in place then it would be time for a vote on the final step. All the questions raised during the debate on independence would have answers rather than "it'll be all right/wrong" which seems to be the fall back position when nobody knows. It does seem a bit surreal to me that the biggest decision a country can make is being made on so many massive assumptions of what will happen post independence. The Better Together campaign with it's "doom and gloom/worse case" and the SNP with their rose tinted "this is what we want to happen and of course it will and sod the real world". On the voting/turn out/majority question I would make voting mandatory and there would have to be a higher percentage required than a simple majority as it's such a massive decision the repercussions of which effect so many for years to come. I know that my opinion has no possible impact on the outcome and I really do hope that you decide to stay with the rest of the UK for now.
  5. I went with the 14' as one of the Ford guys said when asked if the price would increase to reflect the increase in quality replied that "the prices would be comparable with the current models"
  6. That is with $8K's worth of options over the GT Premium list of $35K. A lot of the options I included were kind of wish list stuff like the roof which is $2K and the Recaros which are $1.6K The only option that I would have to have is the Track Pack (Brembos/Discs/Wheels/Diff etc) which is $2.5K so $37.5K
  7. Ran through the configurator on the main ford website and with the Track-Pack, Recaro Seats, Tech Pack, Panoramic Roof, Parking Sensors, Security System and a few other addons my V8 GT Premium in Sterling Grey came to $43,059
  8. NoScript will block it if you forbid ebaystatic.com but it does stop some of the formatting working on the page.
  9. My only thought would be a worn or partially seized pump. Lower flow would mean that with the restriction of the thermostat the flow drops low enough to overheat but with no restriction the flow is high enough to keep the temps under control ?
  10. I always have a filter on for this reason and have broken a couple in the past but it has saved the lens both times.
  11. Great news and thanks for posting back with the solution you found, makes it loads better when other people are searching for the same kind of issues
  12. Like Ekona says do one wheel at a time and make sure it spins freely with the wheel on before you drop it down. That should rule out mechanical interference issues, if it then locks up when you start the car it's a brake control issue.
  13. Found this on my350z.com http://my350z.com/forum/brakes-and-suspension/483082-brakes-stuck-on-all-4-corners.html Seems weird but has the same symptoms. Can you roll the car without the ignition on ?
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    That clip is epic, I especially like the line "you can't shoot him, they'll know it was a gun"





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