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  1. That zed with the girl on it looks like a photoshop to me Could be a tilt shift photo however
  2. Aerosync (Adam @ z1 sells them) Stew has one on here
  3. No Stew you are correct, Royal_T is running some crazy offsets
  4. Yeah husky but your favourite ride height is like this.
  5. No because it isnt the vertex body kit on this car
  6. Doesnt matter. RWHP is what matters! Dyno's pretty much just guess at a fly figure.
  7. And gave me 274 whp 2002 JDM car 06 airbox with blitz panel filter MD plenum spacer Resonated decats UpRev Envy Y pipe Scorpion exhaust
  8. Yeah but you're not baller enough to ride like that Ian!



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