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  1. Sir, You have one of the nicest JDMs in the UK - Orignally brought into the country by 'NismoDave' Dont make this one look shitty - hopefully you made all the mistakes previously
  2. Found these knocking about in the back of the girlfriends car. Ichiba Resonated Decats (to avoid the decat raspy sound) Perfect fitting and gave very good power when remapped by Abbey. Used for about 1500 miles at most. Bought from Adam at Z1 and imported: These stainless steel test pipes from Ichiba feature full stainless construction, and contain the proper prewelded bungs for the 02 sensors. Includes gaskets and hardware for a pain free install. An easy way to add 6-10 whp on a Z or G! ID 2.25" / OD 2.5" (Built-In Resonator), CNC Machined Flanges with Mandrel bent tubing Fits 2003-2006 350Z and G35's £100 + Postage - Pm me Accept Paypal / Bank transfer.
  3. That looks like a serious bodge as you have cut away alot of metal! I wouldnt imagine HKS just put all that metal just for for sh!ts and giggles Good luck but I'd seriously be thinking what to write on your epitaph
  4. dropped 60mm that requires pictures
  5. Blimey Ballastic is clearing up at the mo!!!! Had my billies sus and oil cap, Ian's Volks!
  6. Thanks for your valued input Sarnie. Just to clarify its still all the Japanese Nav system although the disk drive has been changed to a UK Nissan Xtrail one. The screen wiring, GPS aeriel viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14504&hilit=xtrail
  7. Guys I've officially put my car up for sale for 9k and full details can be found here here http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2275464.htm I'd appreciate any comments from anyone Pictures now deleted And some of the history If anyone is interested just PM me. Dan
  8. Not bad for free huh! Glad your pleased with them Mark, just hope your driving the car again soon. Dan
  9. Personally i'd bleed the coolant just to be completely secure that not air got in. Plus its a fairly easy job. Powersteering fluid is ATF (auto transmittion fluid) that can be bought relatively cheaply from Nissan themselves. Dan
  10. i think the only other thing you need is the code pin number. if it displays 'secure' im sure if you leave it 30 mins on the ignition it allows you to put a pin in.
  11. Same as my old one.... :o) Ings LX spec blended into the OEM rear bumper - Not a cheap job unfortunately. Martinmac has the non-blended rear
  12. That zed with the girl on it looks like a photoshop to me Could be a tilt shift photo however
  13. Guys why not arrange a courier at your expense to pick it up and sling the user a few quid to bubble wrap it up? www.interparcel.com
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