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  1. Jay, your ride looks bitchin! It really does, very nice job indeed. BUT, the close up of the wheel shows the it could do with a good detailing - look at the swirls on the wing
  2. You can imagine how gutted I am. Who the heck is gonna do my Tregs & Ravs now
  3. Martin, I've changed from Blackfire products to the Purple Haze and Blue Velvet. Blue Velvet being the Hard Wax (and a pain in the ass to put on in comparison) but the soft Purple Haze is great and much easier to apply (smells of lavendar too - nice). I usually have 1 layer of Blue Velvet built up with numerous layers of Purple Haze. Before Craig came a month or so ago there must have been at least 8 layers of Purple Haze on the Treg! The beading was awesome
  4. Lewis, warranty wise you'll need to use genuine parts and be VAT registered to ensure your warranty remains valid - and stamp your service history book. If you're not VAT registered then you won't really be able to claim full service history - well, a buyer won't like it too much. I have not used Nissan as I have a VAT registered mechanic who works on all our vehicles.
  5. It goes without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway..... CONGRATULATIONS, you'll thoroughly enjoy being married as you make a great couple; fun to be with, good conversation and child-free too Looking forward to sharing your day. See you tomorrow.
  6. After Chris's input Liam I have nothing to add. We've probably been as many times as each other. But I've only ever been once with Mrs 73. Plenty of times with the boys Therefore, my advice may not be girlfriend-friendly Madalay Bay has a cool frozen bar though... Oh, and the Hooters hotel had some sights! But you may want to stick with the helicopter canyon ride. But don't do the "western adventure" one. Go to the bottom and have brunch. And don't go in a plane either, helicopter is the only way to go.
  7. Some great photos there guys. How many actually turned up, seems like this must be the biggest 350z meet EVER (despite what other sites may report ). I bet y'all missed my Dixie though, eh? Eh? Oh.
  8. Danny, what REALLY matters is whether your rim width will take a wider tyre. After extensive research I found that my 8.5J rims could take up to 285 but 265 would be more comfortable and not be at risk of popping off the rim when high speed cornering (on a track of course). I believe regular Rays are 8J so you should be fine with 265 and definitely 255. As for the rolling radius..... :yawn:
  9. Depends if you like fat rears - I do. But not on my women! I went with 265 40 18s when my Potenzas becamse slicks. I Had the GT4 wheels though which I believe were 8.5J on the rear; 8J on the front.
  10. Kev, I'm in Edwinstowe (NG21 9HS), Craig (muddydetail.co.uk) is on Worksop but he travels. I believe he's done a great job on Shires' in Chesterfield so I'm sure he'll travel to you. Contact Craig through here (his ID is muddy), through his website or via craig@muddydetail.co.uk - he'll make your car look stunning.
  11. Well done Guys. Mrs 73 did her usual and backed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th! She did it last year too. Unfortunately she only plays at it with £4 ew or £2ew I managed 1st & 4th; £10 ew on each so had a happy weekend with the winnings
  12. I know Craig will have sorted you out. He's excellent and since his first detail of my GT4 last April he has been every 6-8 weeks! He's now got my enormous Touareg to go over and he's gonna be on it a while. Then he's got my borther's to do Make sure you keep your 350 in top shape and get Craig over every now and then to put it right again.
  13. My Touareg isn't much better Sarnie. 100litre tank costs about £120 to fill and I get 20mpg. But, hey, just had it remapped to give 350bhp (up from 313) and 870nm torque. Christ it's got some mid range pull now and I'm looking for a race :drive:
  14. Muddydetail to the rescue again! Nice job Craig. Don't take this the wrong way Shires but it's a pity it's GM b'cos the pics just don't quite do justice to what I know will have been a great job. Craig rocks! Craig, I'll see you 15,16 and 17th for your mammoth Touareg session. If you spent 12.5hrs on Shires 350 then please arrive early, pack breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'll give you some keys to lock up each night too :lol:





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