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  1. Paul, I'ce pm'd you. However, your dealer has a lot to answer for and I'm sure with a bit of persuasion (being bad mouthed on this and 'the other' forum may help twist his arm) that he'll sort all your problems out. If not, give me a call. I have a good "Sheffield Branch" who will add a little more gentle persuasion
  2. Paul Here's the cradle, in the armrest: And here it is with the adaptor fitted. I believe ALL GT4s came with the cradle as standard but of course the adaptor is an accessory. So too are the Halfords batteries and 20p If your armrest hasn't got it then a call to the dealer should be your next move. Something may not be quite what it seems?
  3. Paul, I don't know what a parrot bluetooth system is BUT, in your armrest you should have a cradle. Into which a bluetooth adaptor fits (dealer approx £120, ebay £80+) which works with any phone. I'd have thought this would be the easiest way to go....
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    So Zedrush - I've got a nickname for ya......... BERMUDA!
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    Excellent, I hope the club coffers receive a welcome boost from all the sales I'm not going to JAE either but would like a Black Large please. How would you like to be paid Max? Bank transfer? Paypal?
  6. Oh Beavis..... You bit didn't you.... I'm surprised at you ;-)
  7. Guys, I'm a rookie. Can someone help please... I've a GT4 with the GT4 wheels of course and want to know what size tyres I could fit on them..... They're stock Bridgestone Potenzas at the moment: On the front I have 225 45 18 On the back I have 245 45 18 I'm finding it 'skittish' at the moment and have read that may be b'cos the Potenzas are poor and maybe I should get some Falken 452s or Toyo T1-Rs but how wide can / should I go to improve handling and look good ;-)



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