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  1. I did this in January. It pi**ed it down but was still a great day and TBH more fun, especially spining the Lotus at 70 mph... A great way to get to grips with your car in safety
  2. So a few questions: - 1. How do I ensure I'm getting full HD. Is this 1080p? 2. I'd like Freeview HD. I assume this is Freesat? 3. What refresh rate is a minimum? PS: Checked the Digitl Direct website an they have a good selection ,although I'm now even more confused. I may go to Comet and see a few in the flesh this weekend.
  3. I had been thinking Panasonic or Sony What about this one. It says HD ready though??? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-TH-42 ... 72&sr=1-11
  4. Great thanks guys, sounds like a Panasonic is the one to go for and I like the idea of a HD freeview box built in. I've also just bought a Panasonic DVD Recorder.
  5. OK So I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about flatscreen TV's and HD, but would like to take the plunge. My requirements are simply: - 1. High Quality - Prefer a reputabe make such as Sony etc. 2. Modest size so must come in a sensible range of sizes It wil be hooked up to my Sony DVD Player and Surround Sound System, ( a bit od but still good), and a Sky + HD box So what to look for and where to buy, e.g. plasma v's LCD, resolution etc. etc. Al help appreciated Cheers
  6. This looks a must and only £13.50 to get in See http://www.cpop.co.uk/
  7. Great incentive to survive in one piece too.....
  8. But quite a few pennies richer I suspect...
  9. http://www.maniacworld.com/Record-New-Y ... -Jump.html Make sure you watch it all...
  10. Seems banning is still rife over there then. Have to say I now post regularly on 4 Bike forums and 3 Lotus Forums and I've never heard of anyone at all being banned..
  11. Rivalry STILL....you are joking.... There was a time when certain members got banned.... Good luck with the sale bud... What you buying next? Only see rivalry from one side and it's only a very limited number Kev. I'm sure we don't want to go there again! How are you anyway? I'm great thanks. I still like to peruse this site with the occasional post. I do spend more time on the Lotus and Bike Forums, but still enjoy reading about the 350z. There is some nice people on here although many new faces too which is good too. Keep up the good work guys..
  12. Rivalry STILL....you are joking.... There was a time when certain members got banned.... Good luck with the sale bud... What you buying next?
  13. Thanks guys. Glad you all like it. I'm chuffed to bits which I guess is all that matters, but always nice to know others like it. Agree with you guys comments. The Exige is a bit extreme as an every day car. For me it's a second car anyway. It can be made softer with road tyres over the Advans and normal seats etc. but that is missing the point of the car. As for torque etc., even though this is only a 1.8 don't forget you don't need as much torque with so little weight. Having said that, you do need to rev. It rev's to 8.5k and produces max bhp at around 8k. Sounds great though. I've got the TRD air box, so the supercharger whine sounds awesome...
  14. Do it you won't regret it. Take one for a test drive and you'll be hooked..





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