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  1. Morning guys and girls, new to the forum but owned the 350 for about 3 months now! Looking forward to being a part of the forum


  2. Most Cars are around 20-gauge, EN8 steel and Zinc Coated
  3. Could be mine as i live in Westbury
  4. 46 years here, but the 34 year old wife drives it :teeth::teeth:
  5. I am in the same position as my other half is 11 years younger and says I am past it, but I keep pointing out if she won’t gets or pedigree Boxer Dog done then why should I. But she got the kids rabbit done a few weeks back (new name Nonuts) and judging by the blank look on his face, I can see my pipe and slippers approaching.
  6. Taken off my JDM rear bumper and found this lift up bracket for the number plate, I know it passes through a slot in the bumper but why
  7. I first went with Churchill at £477 only required alarm and immobilsor aged 42 Full NCD for my Import I am now with http://www.admiral.com/multicar/aboutMulticar.phtml Admiral multicar reduced the Zed to £388 and Audi A4 to £188 (From £210)
  8. I have a steering wheel with phone control and cruise control that i got off ebay you can have it for what i paid if you want £20, (I was going to use the phone button but you can have it), The leather is in good condition but you need the airbag center.
  9. Can we book it as a Scottish Meet !!!!
  10. 'too prepared' Means you are able to demonstrate that you can be a threat to those above, this is a known problem in a hieratical organization.
  11. Hedonism II Jamaica Well we enjoyed it
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