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  1. As far as I know, no diff service. Service history was all from Nissan dealer but only oil and filter changes.
  2. Hi all, I spent a short amount of time with Bob at Tarmac Sportz a while back and he advised of some bits I need to look into getting done to preserve my 370. One of these was the diff oil change/service. Can anyone recommend a garage local to cambridgeshire to get this done as I have seen some posts through a FB group that have said some garages have had difficulty completing the job. I am also planning on getting the clutch fluid changed and the auxiliary(?) belt on the front of the engine done at the same time, but is there anything else any of you would recommend ch
  3. I tried doing an album last night and managed to get 4 photos uploaded. Even after converting the files they are mainly around 2mb so too big to upload as the limit is 1024kb!?
  4. Thanks for the welcomes! Got the short tails fitted yesterday and loving the new exhaust notes! Having spoken to Bob at Tarmac Sportz and gaining some valuable maintenance awareness looks like the next job is part maintenance but also mod which will be a single mass clutch. Gear box and diff oil at the same time too.
  5. Had our first mod fitted today, short tails from Tarmac Sportz. Totally recommend these as a first cheap mod from OEM exhausts. The guys at Tarmac were really friendly and great to talk to for advice on what parts to look out for maintenance milestones coming up. Next mod will be single mass clutch. The exhausts though... what a difference! Sound immense, great sound through tunnels/under bridges! I would add a photo but the file size limit won't let me
  6. Buptaboy

    2017 370Z Nismo

    Our first Nissan, first two seater, first car we've modded. We will drop photo's here as we go of the mod's we complete to share them with the rest of you and create a log for ourselves.
  7. Hi all, My wife and I recently picked up a 2017 nismo in black (profile photo). It's our first 2 seater and have plans to modify, slowly, over time. We're off to Tarmac Sportz next week to get the back box delete and short tails fitted and looking at hydro dipping the wing mirror covers and B pillars soon too. Really loving the car and surprised how good the MPG is despite booting it quite a bit. Also getting involved in car groups/meets, specifically Z3X related, so maybe get to meet some of you more experienced owners one day in the flesh!
  8. Hi all, We got a 2017 nismo recently which has the nav bose system in. I understand from talking to Bob at Tarmac Sportz that it is near impossible to do and drop out/in replacement with that system so wondered what, if anything, someone else may have done about it? I can't seem to find the coupe interior parts online either to do a retro fit and enable an aftermarket head unit installation, any ideas where I could get my hands on some parts like that??
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