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  1. Okay thanks for the help mate! Ill check the brake fluid and failing that I’ll have a look at the ABS sensor wire, appreciate your help
  2. Any update on what this issue was? as I have now got the same issue with my car
  3. Have a look at this mate, I had a knocking noise coming from my rear axle and this sorted it, nice and simple fix aswell
  4. Yeah that does look really nice, I’ll have to consider it and when I do eventually get the wrap off I’ll post more pics
  5. I am considering removing the wrap as the last owner didn’t do the best job installing it
  6. Exactly what I had in mind, I’ve put high flow filters in the standard box. After removing the cat I’ll look into getting some short tails and having essentially a straight through exhaust and then will look into a new manifold. I can put up with the sound on motorways because I’m sure I’ll love the sound through the lanes. Just a case of looking for decent deals on parts people sell on here
  7. Cheers mate! Just give them a ring and book in?? Would you definitely say it’s worth doing?
  8. Yeah that’s a fair point, if the spacers mean the wheels fill the arches better then I’ll probably leave the suspension as is because I use B roads a lot too. In terms of other mods I’m thinking of the usual mods such as breathing mods, I’ve swapped out the panel filters for K&N filters, the car came with a custom back box and tips from the last owner however I’m purchasing some downpipes and will consider getting some short tails. Need to do some research into where to get the car mapped round me in the midlands and what map to get. Apart from that i
  9. Yes mate 20 all round, was debating 25 all round but found some 20mm spacers at a great price
  10. Depending where it is I’d come down as I’m not too far away
  11. It’s a 40th Anniversary Black edition so it’s gloss black underneath
  12. Yes it’s a wrap, the previous owner had it wrapped, im tempted to get it removed but I’ll see
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